Set by Grandpa


Joyful innocent lad

Just like the mom

Dream pure and true

Innocent and tender love

What dad could not do

A dream set by grandpa

Now in your hand to fulfill

The better me


Grandpa set a goal to make the family larger but when it became fury,every one ducked for cover and all his dreams became wasteful but just like man plan, God is divine and has his own plans for mankind so all that a particular crew failed to put in place can be set as a record by another crew...

It is not our making that things go the other way round and when we plan for right but it goes left,it becomes fate and all we have to do is to keep hoping and working toward progress because he who laughs last laughs best so all grandpa's dream which one set failed to accomplish could still be accomplish if the next set keep heads up...

We are what we are

Let me tell you now

There is no going back

Because the end justifies

Nothing but the means

So thank you papa


Set by Grandpa.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Very pretty my Brother! Dream on children!

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Children are the future...set a good example so thank you bro,i am following you.

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