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As a writer, it is appropriate to a have a daily exercise in writing. In a short span of time in just 7 minutes is enough to exercise or to warm up the writer’s mind to reach full potential when it comes to creativity. Once the mind is warmed up for writing, everything follows from active state of mind to a sense of being creative and productive. Some writers do not know some ways on how they can warm up their mind in writing. In this article, I will provide some easy steps on how to warm up a writer’s mind so some writers may apply daily exercises to increase their skill and talent when it comes to writing.

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Step 1. Choose a topic to write about

Before anything else, try to think of a topic that you can write about. This topic can either be an article involving one of your interests or it can be an idea that you thought about in improving your novel or story. After thinking of a topic to write about, list down four strong words that are associated or is related to the topic. Upon writing these strong words, try to contrast each other in tone or focus for you to come up what is the relationship of every word with the topic. These words will be your guiding keywords on how to come up with a concept about the topic.

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Step 2. Set up your timer

Set up your timer to seven minutes. Any timer would do as long as it will grab your attention after the time runs out. Stop watches are very appropriate tools for this activity and it should contain buzzers or noise makers to grab the writer’s attention. Now that you thought of a topic and listed some words that are related to your topic, it is time to write or exercise your mind in writing.

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Step 3. Start writing your concept

Using the words that havebeen listed down, start writing down the thoughts and ideas that you can come up with and try not to lift your pen out of the paper and continue writing. New ideas will eventually pop out from your mind as you go along constructing your phrases and sentences and this will allow you to continue writing without lifting your hand from the paper. Try not to stop until the timer runs out and only stop after hearing the beeping sound of your timer. Maximize your effort by coming up with something to write that is related to the topic to come up with ideas that will sprout to different concepts.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Step 4. Check back

After the time runs out, try to check how much you have written in as short as 7 minutes. You will be shocked in the number of words building up the sentences and paragraphs that you have come up with. Try to analyze as well if you have grammatical errors in your work then learn and try to improve on it the next time around. See to it as well that the sentences that you have constructed are ordered in a way that it makes sense and is logically arranged on how you want it to be read by your audience or readers. Check on how many words you came up with and try to beat your record the next time around.


A seven minute writing exercise is really good for your mind especially when coming up with quick thoughts that can be used in your writing. These quick thoughts can be applied especially when you have a writer’s block that stops you from coming up with ideas to be added in your writing project. Coming up with other writing exercises are appropriate since other exercises enhances your ability and will improve your skills when it comes to writing. Other writing exercises can also be done together with a writing partner to maximize the fun in writing.

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