Shades of Lives Around Us -- A Short Story


A true Story?


Melvin has been in Iraq and is coming home tonight. His wife was thinking, "he was going to return from his last tour on January of 2013. She just logged off from talking to him on Skype, her Husband of three years, who actually was chatting from his Base in Norfolk Virginia. Was he already in the States? Sweet surprise??

Is past twelve midnight and she decided to go out with the 'other man' for at least a few more nights. How could she do Melvin so wrong!

Melvin decided to drive a car rental until his 2006 is shipped back from Dusseldorf, Germany In a container with his Flat screen TV and all his furniture.

Surprising Jammie at 1 a.m. would be timely done like in the movies. At the same moment..around that time, entered Gilbert on scene, who picked her up as usual, parking in her backyard Garage.

She was reluctant to let go, because she was alone for so many nights and... at times she thought of taking her life. Gilbert was there for her and as he said, "If your hubby, God Forbids, never makes it home.... I'll be around you baby..!"

They drove out together and she didn't have time to buckle up her seat belt. By a twist of fate, Melvin passed them by, but on the other side of the road , heading home. Funny to hear him find this song on the radio, "I want to know what love it is," by Survivor.

This is so sad, because you never know when you have been so close to a loved one, and maybe for the last time...?

Gilbert showered her his charming embraces and eventually grabbing a dozen roses from her car's back seat smoothly said, "For you my sweet princess." Jammie kissed him right away with shaking words. "Oh my God! Gilbert!

Like a monster from hell they see a shadow on front of them. In less than a second they got hit, head on by this "North American" t53 footer trailer that was on the road for 14 hours -- Practically this damn driver fell asleep on that fatal curve.

Gilbert passed away instantaneously, and Jammie too.


"Now you young lady, you know that you did 'wrong things' against your husband and you are not going to make it behind this Gate," says a voice, so deep and paternal.

"If you know my life... I was miserable and I wanted to live and be loved. I never told my husband to join the arm forces...besides my dad had money to help us to open up our own franchise," said Jammie defending her conduct.

"We know all that, but you were given the 'free willing' choice deep in your heart, and you got what you looked for..." The voice got interrupted by a mean voice that was crying of impotence. "Great!! Then screw me now, go ahead!"


Melvin is already home and has been looking all over their bedroom for his wife. He was getting desperate; the smell of a strong perfume and makeup over their bed, made him take assumptions. "Maybe she went out with Cindy and Patty." He lifted the mattress out of curiosity and found pics of Jammie and Gilbert walking down the Park where they grew up.

Her mother in law Jenny called Jammie's house, and he picked the phone. "Yeah mom! it's me Melvin. No mom! I wanted to surprise her...What? Where!! No way..are you kidding me mom!?"

She was telling him that the local precinct got hold of her, and gave her the bad news: Jammie was in comma and needed a blood transfusion to save her life. The only way to save her precious daughter was If Melvin would volunteer.

He was already in rage, and wanted to know more about these two loving birds. He grabbed the pics and put them inside his jacket. We could sense the smell coming from his guts: rage and a certain stench from that bilious fluid contaminating his breathing.


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Melvin found out right away, that this deceased person, the one that got crushed to death, was actually the one that was with his wife. His heart beat harder and refused to cooperate in saving his wife's life.

He even went out to the streets and walked against the traffic. You could've seen his eyes turning dark. A feeling about life, that wasn't worth living it anymore...


"Now, what would you do in his shoes young lady!" exclaims the voice. "Of course I would've reacted the same way. Not only that, I would've wiped off our Joined bank Account.."

From the four corners of Heaven interceed, Jammie's grandma, Gilbert great grand daddy and his father's German Shepperd. Like a joint force they got behind Jammie and prayed! She just closed her eyes and in tears, and started to pray as well.

Like a miraculous decision, Melvin crushed the pictures of evidence and decided to save his wife.


"Time to go back young lady...and next time, would you please knock our door and announce yourself?"

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Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

Heck yes I would save her! She might have made a mistake and broke my (his) heart but her life is on the line and I'm (he's) the only one who could help her. I wouldn't think twice about it. Payback is bliss once she's recovered:)

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hi Linda, I thought you were busy? You make a good sense. But this time is his decision, a man, that was on the line of fire for 10 years, ready to take drastic decisions...All of us would take our own! I'm on your side Sunshine...But this guy took it to his guts! Literally. Thanks my friend...Have a nice evening!! Keep the hubbing ticking!


Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

Mr. Lord... Forgiveness is the best policy.. He would have been miserable is he didn't help her and forgive her. I know it is a shock for this to happen to you but.. he did right to forgive her..

God Bless you Mr. Lord.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hi Debbie!

These stories come into our mind... we don't know for sure how close to a reality it can be. As writers we do our best to capture those shades and possible situations that are actually evolving as we speak. You have a nice one and Merry Christmas!


mary615 profile image

mary615 5 years ago from Florida

What an imagination you have! Glad he decided to save his wife's life. What else could he do if he loves her? I've been meaning to ask you: whatever happened to the Columbia Girls?? Did they just fall off the face of the earth????? Goodnight, friend.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Hi mary!

The Colombian project is at halt for now. Who knows..they might reappear tomorrow Mary. At times we lack that push to continue a story, so we let it build up momentun. Thanks for asking Mary. Good nite!


Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Touching story. I believe the guy decided to save his wife because this gave them a chance to start life anew - perhaps the franchise, perhaps a baby now it could all be possible he was home.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Merry Christmas Gypsy Rose!

The story can be real..since connect reality with fiction! Glad you got the hold of it!...Nice seeing you!


AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 5 years ago from California

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand I think--nice piece of writing Lord!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Thanks Audrey! Howitt!

Merry Christmas! and a wonderful and fruitful New Year!


raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

this is a great example of unconditional love...he must be thankful someone is taking care of his've presented a great story again Lord...

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author


You are something else! I hope this will never happen to you!


Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

LOL Raciniwa!!!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago Author

Yeah Linda! Raciniwa has a humor like us....sighs...!

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