Writing Online and Getting Paid

Get Paid Per Review

Write Reviews And Get Paid

Writing reviews for consumers can be a very lucrative and fun opportunity. There are a lot of websites out there that pay for your opinions but I found a site that pays a lot more than most. Shared Reviews is a website where consumers go to check on different products before they purchase them. People write reviews on just about anything, people read and vote on them and you earn revenue!!! You can refer people to write and earn from them also but that is not a must to make some great money.

Shared Reviews taps into the reality of consumer opinions and they share the experiences with other sites. You can actually earn about $2.00 per review you write and by voting, socializing, and promoting your reviews on other sites. It is a very creative way to spread the word about different products that you have tried or to check out a review about a product you plan to purchase. The other great thing about this website is it is totally FREE to sign up and start writing to earn!!! How cool is that.

Get Started Today

Here is how you get started:

Step 1: Create your Profile (At the website to the right)

Step 2: Create Reviews

Step 3: Socialize and Promote

Step 4: Cast your votes

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