Sharing The Limbo of Love.


Sharing The Limbo Of Love.


She haunts me still
dancing in the

shadows on my wall,
in the wee hours

where she used to
frolic in the embrace

of my arms,

Acres of sheets

lie empty
still perfumed

with what was,
how can I wash away
the scent of

love vanquished.

Tonight I will

sleep on her grave
allowing only six

feet to separate us
between the

soil of death
and the tomb

of my soul.

Perhaps I will

join her there.
I am weary of

the sorrow,
slicing a gash in

the earth of my flesh,
then simply bleeding

over her loss.

Two spirits

mingling once more
to dance a sad reprise,
not of this world

nor the next,
but no longer alone.





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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific special hub thanks

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