Shattered Beyond Repair.

I gave you my heart,
poured it out eagerly,
which left my soul to
wallow in how callously
you threw it back so soon.

That set me without a leg
to stand on for a while,
plus empty useless arms,
that would have been better
screwed onto a mannequin.

I watched you offer
your heart to another
one I knew to be extremely cruel,
when it came to using body parts
like Kleenex and then simply
disposing of them.

He disassembled your
hopes and dreams,
in about two weeks time,
you were shattered
beyond imagining,
which I noted from afar,

Oh, how I longed to
pick up the pieces,
and restore your beauty,
but the love I once had,
was a glue now dried
and hardened in the hollow
where my heart was
sadly refitted.



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