She looks at me & Beautiful



She looks at me, so sad, so still

I say, “You know I have homework.”

I get no reply...

I look back at her, so beautiful, so still

I look away, did she see me?

I say, “Why are you so still?”

I get no reply...

I look back at her, still, so still

shes teasing me being so damn still

“OK I had enough!”

I stop what I'm doing. I get her and play her.

My guitar.


You are something else

never really understood and never in the same place

every time I see you, you look different

you brighten up my sky

I can look at you... all... night... long...

oh lightning

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jaydennia04 profile image

jaydennia04 5 years ago

ha funny

avalencia_25 profile image

avalencia_25 5 years ago from California Author

jaydennia thanks i appreciate your comment :)

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