She's Not The One

She's Not The One

I don't know if I want you

to be by my side all the time

but, I just can't let her have you

she'd really mess up your mind.


She tells me that she cares for you

I just can't beleive it's true

because every time I talk to her

she speaks of someone new.


I shouldn't have to tell you

you've been with her before

I just can't seem to let you

go through it all once more.


Don't just walk away

if you know at all

what im trying to say.


Maybe we could get along

if the words you say are true

it would'nt seem so wrong

If I knew what I wanted to do.


Right now I enjoy being with you

though I just can't seem to admit it

I've been hurt so many times

now i'm afraid to become commited.


I really hope you know

don't want to leave you in the black

I would do anything possible

to keep you from going back.


She will only hurt you

she will never understand your pain.

she'll take all you have to offer

and leave you standing in the rain.


Don't listen to her words

they don't mean a thing

she says the same to everyone

it's just the song she sings.


Maybe if you'd listen

to what i'm trying to say

you'd see what you've been missing

and have a better life someday.


VLH 1992


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