Short Circuit Comedy Script

Co-writer of Short Circuit Aiysha Jebali
Co-writer of Short Circuit Aiysha Jebali
Co-writer of Short Circuit Julia Simpson
Co-writer of Short Circuit Julia Simpson


Created and written by Aiysha Jebali and Julia Simpson, all rights reserved. If you would like use this script please contact the writers and if mutually agreed, you will receive written confirmation from both parties. Only in this circumstance may it be used.

Short Circuit comedy drama screen play, written by Aiysha Jebali and Julia Simpson

Character list:
Aailyah (of the highest) – Before she short circuits, she is dressed florally and is well spoken. Afterwards, she is in leather/pvc/torn top etc and speaks the regional dialect of Aberdeen - which those outside of the North East of Scotland would struggle to understand. This is an outward transformation that mirrors her inner one.
Aurora (lady of the dawn) – The same idea as her sister throughout.
Zaham (crime, filthiness) – His outfits change to mirror each woman, as does his accent. He is like a chameleon if you will.
Zareh (protector) – Well dressed and polite in manner.
Idelia (noble) – Wears a dark wedding dress.
Idande (protective) – Glamorous, beautiful and all in white.
The Wise One – Black trousers, shirt and a hooded cloak.
Wakana (plant/growth) – All in green but stylish.
Wilona (hoped for) – Kind of a rock style to her.
Lystra (free) – wears autumn colours, brown long hair.
Lalita (she who plays) – bright 50's style clothes.
Baara (flames that purge) - corporate style.
Lamar (of the sea) – Sailor outfit if possible.
Oles (defender of man) – Modern casual.
Obilex (pillar of strength) – Modern casual.
Sanjay (victorious one) – Modern casual.
Saber (the sword) – Modern casual.

Scene 1

(Montage of Aurora and Aailyah when they were happy together)

1. Running through the grass barefoot. Location: Drum Oak Castle or Haddow House?
2. Chasing each other through bushes/brush. Location: Drum Oak Castle or Haddow House?
3. Dancing contemporary style through woodland. Location: Drum Oak Castle or Haddow House?
4. Walking along a beach together and then sitting down reading a copy each of the same book. Location: Aberdeen Beach or Bridge of dawn Don Mouth?

Aurora: Aailyah, my dear sister. I have the most magnificent news but I'm afraid I ought not share it yet...

Aailyah: Oh? Could it be a handsome gent for the future? Mother and father would be oh so pleased, dear sister.

Aurora: It is not just a mere possible gent for courtship but he is a true man of virtue and will hopefully be forever mine. I simply cannot say a word more – after sunset tomorrow everything shall be revealed, all being well.

Aailyah: Darling sister, you need not explain any further. I too have a possible courtship on mine horizon. He is strong, brave and courageously noble. And, of course of the most chivalrous in manner.

(The sisters giggle, hug and run off together holding hands)

Scene 2

(An alternating shot of both the girls' date with the same man)

Location: The Don Mouth? Or any other river/lake/duthie park

(Zareh is nearby, watching with a worried expression)

Zaham: My love, twas the eve before last whence the men and I were hunting in the mountain beyond yonder. We lost our way and mine thoughts but turned to thou, mine dearest.

(reaction shot of Aurora)

Zaham: I could think only of the moments shared with thou, the words from thine lips that give me peace and of course the silhouette of thy graceful figure.

(reaction shot of Aailyah)

Zaham: I knew at that moment, my dearest that I could no longer suppress the deepest feeling of love that I have but ever known. If I were not to cast mine eyes upon thou momentarily – mine heart would simply cease to beat within mine chest.

(Shot of Zareh, holding his head in his hands and looking at them again even more panicked)

Aurora: Thou art the only one that

Aailyah: I wish all of mine days to be spent with.

Zaham: My dearest, if thou swearest, it shall be so.

(Zareh starts to run towards them)

Aurora: I swear, mine love.

(Zareh stops in his tracks realising it is too late)

Aailyah: Undoubtedly, my love, I swear.

Zaham: It is done.

(Everything goes black, maybe a stark sound effect here?)

Scene 3

Location: Aiysha's basement

(The girls wake up on the mattress and notice all the women also down there)

Lystra: Oh, you're up are you?

Aurora: Dear sister, where are we?

Lystra: No where, anywhere... No one's quite sure. You say you are sisters?

Aailyah: Yes, that would be correct. Doth thou hast a name?

Lystra: (a look of shock and as if something has just dawned on her) You should come with me. Name's Lystra. But forget that, you need to see The Wise One.

Aurora: Aailyah, I am a little scared to be truthful. How shall we escape this hole? I simply cannot comprehend how this could happen!

Lystra: I know love, believe me there is nothing I miss more than meditating among the meadows. Don't get yourself in a twist – The Wise One will explain everything.

(They enter the other room. The Wise One is sitting on a chair centrally.)

Aurora: Greetings and good health to you my dear lady. I am afraid we are here terrified, confused and entirely at your mercy.

The Wise One: Ah there are two of you? Not to worry, I will gather everyone and we can collectively explain why you are here. Please do feel welcome, we are all here through no fault of our own and we will be here for the foreseeable future.

Lystra: They are sisters. (putting emphasis on the word 'sisters')

The Wise One: (looking shocked and excited) Oh, oh I see. Lystra, get them chairs and, and water – you must be parched my dears.

(Lystra runs to fetch the orders)

The Wise One: Gather all, gather. We have sisters within our midst...

(everyone starts to whisper and look excited)

Aailyah: Come now, what is the meaning of this. What doth our blood relation matter to thou?

Lystra: Our very freedom depends on it, as it happens. So, maybe you want to get off your high horse and listen to what we have to say or you too can forget about seeing the light of day again.

The Wise One: Lystra, please don't be rude. We need them as much as they need us. You would do well to remember that. (looking to the sisters) My dears, you will forgive Lystra – she is not only free of nature but free of mouth too. Harsh but frank as always.

(Wakana and Wilona come with chairs for the sisters. The sisters unsurely sit down)

(Wakana and Wilona run to Idelia)

Wakana: Hurry Idelia! The Wise One has called us.

Idelia: Yes, I noticed.

Wilona: No, you don't understand! The sisters are here! The legend Idelia!

(Idelia looks shocked and follows Wakana and Wilona)

(Everyone gathers together and start to share their stories)

Lalita: It was 1952 and I'd just had the most amazing night. We'd packed the place out and I got a standing ovation (she smiles as she remembers the fonder memories of her last evening of freedom. Sounds of laughter and cheering faintly coming over).

Lalita Voice over: (There are people, their middle area visible as the camera focuses through them and onto Andrew sitting down across the room) He was so handsome and he just couldn't take his eyes off me at the after party in my honour. He walked across the room so strong and handsome. Before I knew it (cut to outdoor shoot) I was lost in his great blue eyes and we were dancing on the lawn outside. Just us. And, I just fell absolutely for him and the next thing I'd promised myself to him and... and then I was here. (she looks upset)

(Baara comforts her and Lystra begins her story)

Lystra: Walks at dawn, walks at dusk. Watching the sunset over the sea or wandering through the nearby forest were how I spent my days of freedom. I would trek and trek, living off the land so to speak. (A shot of her eating an apple in the meadows) He called down to me from a tree he'd climbed. I couldn't believe I'd come across someone as free spirited as myself. We spent the next few months roaming the lands, making daisy chains and enjoying the earth. I couldn't help it. A moment of weakness. I told him that I never wanted it to end... And, well, the rest is history!

Aurora: That's it! He doth maketh us all swear ourselves to him and his ghastly plans.

Aailyah: The deceit. The wretch.

Baara: The man, you mean. I was heading a debate team to stop the injustices of this world! The only woman on my team, with no respect or even empathy from my team mates. They hated the fact that a woman was above them! All except him. He encouraged me when I had to write a speech. He consoled me whenever I heard their whispers about me. We were leaving one of the most intense meetings of my life. He took my hand and told me that he couldn't stop thinking about me. His eyes like the ocean... I got lost and the words left my mouth as if I was watching in the third person. And now, I am here in this awful place. I always got fired up for injustice – now look at me. No one even knows about my constant and eternal injustice...

The Wise One: Idelia, why don't you share - possibly the most soul destroying story of us all.

Idelia: Unlike the others, he spent nearly a year working on me. He kept asking me why I hadn't claimed my love for him when we were clearly meant to be. I come from a humble family but one with honour and morals. I told him that I would only claim my love should we be betrothed. Shortly after, he proposed. The morning of our wedding he sneaked into my room and we couldn't contain our feelings any longer, I had to tell him how I felt and how sure I was of our forever together. Then he left me on my wedding day. (cut to her in her dressing room getting ready with Wakana and Wilona when she receives the news by phone call. She starts crying. When we return to Idelia in the dungeon she has tears running down her face as she remembers) I don't remember anything after that... other than waking up here.

Wilona: Wakana and I were so distraught when we called for Idelia the next morning. She was just... gone. Zaham turned up upset. He told us (cut to shot of Zaham saying to them, “my mother died yesterday). Time passed and all I'd hoped for was true love and I thought I found it in him. Of course, I felt terrible but he promised me everything.

Wakana: Me too. Idelia was my best friend. I was a mess when she disappeared and then Wilona went too. He was just there for me. My love for him just grew over time.

Lamar: Girls, girls, girls – OK. Hello, a little me time please? OK, so, as it happens I have a tail to tell as well you know, about this “heart breaker”. One day I was like walking through the dock. The boat was basically restocking when I spied this fine little muffin at the end of the dock. We partied at the hippest clubs town had to offer. I drunkenly blurted that I loved him and the rest is... well a blur. Not sure if that was the legend or the alcohol to be totally honest sweety! (he starts laughing while Wakana and Wilona comb his beard and stroke his hair playfully)

The Wise One: The sheer depths he's sunk to. I come from a long line of protectors of the innocent, the wise and the noble. But then there is the family legend. Or, the curse. That a child would be born into our family, the eldest son and he would not just bring shame upon our family line but collect the hearts and souls of many. He lives for the eternities he steals. I was the first he took. His mother's! It the night before his wedding day and I stared into his great saphire eyes and told him that I loved him and that no matter what I would always be his mother. I told him I was so proud of him for not taking the curse and for giving himself to a woman of such great character. (shots of her and Idelia getting along) Then, I found myself here and the disgrace, the grief that it should be my child that had taken on the curse! That I were a failure and I was so terrified as I knew Idelia would shortly suffer my fate. (she turns to Idelia) I will never forgive myself, my child.

(Idelia consoles her)

Scene 4

(Zareh, Zaham, Obilex, Oles, Sanjay and Saber are working out/playing pool)

Location: Tom's games room

Obilex: Hope you're ready to get royally thrashed.

Saber: Oh aye? You think so eh?

Obilex: I own this game. OWN IT!

Oles: Alright calm down.

Obilex: Shut it pip squeek.

(annoyed, Oles sits down)

Oles: Where are the women? What do you have to do to get a beverage around here?

Sanjay: Well you could try getting it yourself.

(the men laugh)

Oles: A man like me entering the kitchen. And by that, I mean a real man. Get real.

Sanjay: Parched it is then, mate.

Zareh: Well, it's unlikely we're to have any decent women kicking about here when we've got Zaham on the scene, is it?

Zaham: You know jealousy has a way of eating away at folk.

(Saber and Obilex high five Zaham)

(Zaham goes over to watch the pool game between Obilex and Saber)

Zareh Voice over: He is an utter disgrace. Men like him make me sick at the best of time let alone when it is my own brother! I'll show him who the more desirable brother is...

Zareh: (talking to Oles and Sanjay) Right men, here's the thing right...

Scene 5

(Opening shot of Aailyah beating into Lamar. Wilona and Wakana standing by terrified for Lamar)

(Aurora is rocking back and forth, chuckling and mumbling to herself. Lystra tries to console her with soothing words about nature)

(Idelia and The Wise One look at each other)

The Wise One: This can't be happening. They are our only hope!

Idelia: Is it possible, Wise One, that they are not of the legend?

(Bang. Zareh enters followed by Oles and Sanjay. Idelia runs to them.)

Idelia: You can't be here! It is too dangerous!

Oles: Dangerous? It is a dungeon full of women. Shall we die of over eating due to their presence in the kitchen?

Idelia: No! You don't understand! These aren't just a couple of women. We have not just one short circuit but two!

Oles: Short circuit??

Idelia: Yes, you buffoon! Short circuit, blown a fuse, loopy loo, lost marbles, off their rockers, trollies whatever word choice you fancy! They are dangerous and they will lynch you purely for being a man! Just look at poor Lamar... didn't stand a chance, poor thing.

Oles: (tuts) I'll take care of this. Women are my speciality.

(He walks a few steps towards Aurora)

Aailyah: Hoi! Aye you! Bide awa fae ma sister min! Ken fit a' mean like. Al pure smack you into next week y'ull 'hink you found a time machine!

Oles: Pardon? Woman, fetch me a beverage and make yourself useful.

Aailyah: Fetch this. (Aailyah punches him, knocking him down)

(The Wise One walks through)

Zareh: Mother? Oh my goodness Mother! I had no idea! I would have come sooner!

(The pair hug)

(cut to everyone gathered in the dungeon with maps and plans)

Zareh: So, Mother – if you take care of him and Sanjay and the women handle him then that leaves Zaham for the finish. Are we all clear on what we're doing?

Oles: Are you insane? You honestly think that your mum can take him of all people? Are you wise? And, you seem to be forgetting that it is not warriors you've got here – it's women!

(adlib argument between Zareh and Oles while we cut into the sisters' conversation)

Aailyah: (pretend snoring) Is he pure borin you ana sis? 'Cuz he's pure deein' ma napper in eh.

Aurora: Sis.. can I hae a bit o' fun?

Aailyah: Aye go for it min.

(Aurora slyly gets off her seat, picks up a brick and smacks Oles over the head. He is knocked out)

Aurora: Was he started to rain of abody else's parade ana?

(some shrug and others look shocked)

Lystra: About time! I kept having visions of beating him with a tree branch! Crying out loud!

(Idelia and Zareh look at each other and nervously smile)

The Wise One: Let the battle commence and may truest fight with honour!


Scene 6

(The women, Zareh and Sanjay are hiding in the bushes/trees)

(Zaham is down on one knee and takes Idande's hand. She harshly pulls it from him)

Zaham: But why my love?

(Shot of Idelia looking on shocked)

Idelia: (whispers) That's...

(cut back to Zaham looking up at Idande)

Idande: My sister! (she punches him, knocking him over)

(Zaham ablib “how could this be” etc)

The Wise One: How could I have been so blind. You are the sisters we have been waiting for. Her rejection has weakened him, come let us go in now!

(The women come out of the bushes and charge)

Fight between The Wise One and Obilex – The Wise One wins.
Sanjay Vs. Saber – Saber wins and runs to help Zaham. Baara and Lalita distract him by flirting with him.
The remaining women circle Zaham telling him what a wretch he is and that they are no longer his etc – adlib here. Zaham is distraught.

(Zareh comes over and the women separate)

Zaham: Good, thank goodness you are here. Please, borther, help me up and we can recapture these women together!

Zareh: I won't do your dirty work a minute longer. Your dirty little secret has finally come to light. I wish I hadn't kept it so long! (He glances over to Idelia and she smiles at him lovingly)

Zaham: You can't be serious? Is this all for her? You would betray your own brother for that?!

Zareh: As sure as the sun rises, I will protect her until my last sunset.

(Reaction shot of Idelia. Zareh draws his blade and raises it above Zaham. Zaham tries to scramble to his feet but Zareh takes him out with the blade)

(crowd celebrates. Idealia and Zareh's eyes meet again and they run to one another, holding each other)

Scene 7

Location: a bedroom with a big mirror.

(Wakana, Wilona and Idande are all helping Idelia get ready.)

Wakana: I honestly can't believe that this day has finally come!

Wilona: You have to be the most perfect bride Idelia!

Idande: Girls... could I have a moment alone with my sister?

Wilona: Of course.

(The pair slip out)

Idande: Idelia, when you went missing – it was like my world fell apart. It was like someone cut off my right arm – I just didn't know how to function without you... (tears start to well up with both girls) So, instead I focused all my energies on getting you back. I saw him with Wakana not long after you and Wilona went missing. I just knew there was something strange... It just had to be him!

Idelia: And, I'm so glad you found me! I had nearly given up hope!

(The pair cry and hug)

Scene 8

(Alternating shots of Idelia and Zaham giving their vows at their wedding)


Created and written by Aiysha Jebali and Julia Simpson, all rights reserved. If you would like use this script please contact the writers and agreed, you will receive written confirmation from both parties. Only in this circumstance may it be used.


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