Short Stories : The Peacock and the Crane.

The Peacock and the Crane

A Peacock was extremely proud of his looks. He would admire his own beauty in front of other birds. He would boastfully say. “ Look at me! How beautiful are my feathers and tail. I’m the most beautiful bird in this world.

The proud peacock would dance merrily spreading his long colorful features.

One day, he went near the forest lake. There he met a crane. Seeing the crane, the peacock mocked at him, “ what colorless feathers you have! You look so ordinary.

The Crane replied very humbly. “ Of course your feathers are colorful, bright and beautiful. But with your feathers, you cannot fly high up. However my colorless, plain feathers have the strength to carry me up in the high sky”.

MORAL : Worthless beauty not is appreciable.


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carlossalinas profile image

carlossalinas 4 years ago from San Antonio, T.X.

Great fable with strong message!

Aarti 3 years ago

not too good one.....:P

Priya Verma 23 months ago

Very nice story for kids as well as for others also.....

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