Short Story - That Poor Man

Poor Man

Poor Man
Poor Man

Poor Man

I saw a man sitting by the road. List less. It looked like he has lost a lot in life. I couldn't help thinking what might have gone wrong with him. Has he lost all his money in business? Has he been robbed out of last penny in his pocket? Has he lost his love for life? Is he bereaved of his loved ones? or Has he got mad?

He was quite indifferent to the world running with accelerated speed around him. As if he has nothing to do with anyone or anything. It seemed that he has not even bathed for many days, nor has changed his clothes. He had not shaved for months and hair had also got dirty. Perhaps he has eaten nothing for some time.

He did look almost like a beggar but made no sign of begging from others. I could not resist myself to know of his woes. I stepped towards him and greeted him with 'hello'. He did not respond. I asked him what is that bothering him. and the answer he gave me was really eye opening. He said...

I had decided not to enjoy life until I've collected my first million. I did not allow my heart laugh when it wanted to. I did not eat well when I felt hungry. I did not bought new clothes until my old one were not really worn out. I did not mix well with people and family so that I may not have to spend money. After all this efforts... today I've got my first million.

'It's great' I said. "Why don't you laugh now?" I asked "and enjoy the life"

"That's is the problem" he said. "I have forgotten how to laugh, how to enjoy, my heart has lost its spirit, I have no one to share with my pleasure and" his eyes had got wet..

"then what are you thinking now?" I asked.

"I am reasoning if this first million was really worth what I have lost for it" he said.

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shiedmilon 6 years ago

done wonder fully.

bugslady8949 profile image

bugslady8949 5 years ago from The Bahamas

you did a great job. It is so true we worry about making money and never try to enjoy what we have. keep up the good work.

kashif 5 years ago

this story is very good


kashif 5 years ago

i am help for a poor man Allah is everyone help i am very said no problem

john 4 years ago

a simple store it inspire me and appreciate what god give so bless for what he gave me..

Mohammad irfan 4 years ago

I wanna help the poor man

Ron 4 years ago

I am glad that I spoted this hub, exactly what I was searching for.

Ron from Fitness Tips

Invisible 4 years ago


very nice 3 years ago

very nice

dear 3 years ago

Very beautiful story

rikzing tamang 2 years ago

i like this story.......

Emil Hjelle 2 years ago

Jeg liker ikke dette her!

Johnd650 2 years ago

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hritik 2 years ago

story very interesting

Owais Afridi 20 months ago

i like the story a very true fact of Life

Respect everyone Help Poor peoples


anjali mehta 16 months ago

I like this story very much it is really good for children


mohamed.o 10 months ago

this story is the best story I every seen

Rasuli Abdullagh 2 months ago

i proude of this story

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