The Fox and the Crow: A Very Short Story for Kids with Pictures

The Fox and the Crow

Here is an online picture book for your little one to enjoy. This is a classic children's tale with a moral. It is also sometimes called "The Crow and the Fox" or "The Crow and the Cheese."

One day, Neelam the crow was flying over the trees. She was hungry. She was looking for something to eat. She found a piece of cheese under a tree. “How lucky I am!” said Neelam to herself.

She picked up the piece of cheese with her beak and flew to the top of the tree. “I shall eat this piece of cheese slowly,” said Neelam to herself. “I have not eaten cheese for a long time. I love cheese.”

Foxy the fox was walking near the tree. He too was hungry. “I have not eaten anything all day. I am so hungry. I hope I find something to eat,” thought Foxy.

Foxy saw Neelam sitting on the tree and he also saw the cheese.

“I must get that piece of cheese from Neelam. But Neelam is very clever. I have to make Neelam drop the cheese.”

Foxy thought of a plan. He went to the tree where Neelam was sitting and said, “Oh, what a beautiful bird you are! I am sure you have a beautiful voice too. Why don’t you sing for me?”

Neelam was very happy when she heard these words. She forgot the cheese was in her mouth. She opened her mouth to crow and the cheese fell out.

Foxy ate the cheese. He laughed at Neelam and said, “You have an ugly voice. I only wanted the cheese. You are a fool!”


What is the moral of this story? The foolish crow was so proud of its voice that it forgot it had a piece of cheese in its mouth! When the wily fox asks it to sing, praising its "beautiful" voice, the crow is so flattered, it forgets that its voice is actually hoarse.

In order to show off its voice, it opens its mouth to sing and it loses the cheese. Thus, this ancient but popular fable teaches us a valuable lesson and conveys an important moral about pride. It also teaches us to be wary of flatterers.

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Video version of this children's tale

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gijo 2 months ago

Great story and illustrations

grand old lady profile image

grand old lady 2 months ago from Philippines

This is the first time I read the story. The moral lesson is very good.

Blade 6 months ago

He ate a cheese

yad 7 months ago

the fox is wily

johnmariow profile image

johnmariow 7 months ago from Connecticut

The Fox and the Crow is a wonderful well written short story.

Kahan 9 months ago


res 9 months ago


karthikaqpt 13 months ago

Nice story.Enjoy learning and singing popular nursery rhymes. Have fun singing with your mother, father,friends, etc. Ideal for children.You can watch this rhymes video also

varsha 13 months ago

good story for childrens my son like it very much and my husband abhi is teaching him these stories

leema denis 13 months ago

Amazing stories for kids

ravalika 14 months ago

best nd esay 2 understand fr children

bob 15 months ago

Nice very. Very. Nice

nilhil 18 months ago

Short and good


wwriter profile image

wwriter 2 years ago from India Author

Thank you Hezekiah. Happy it helps your daughter.

Hezekiah profile image

Hezekiah 2 years ago from Japan

Thanks for sharing these, good for my daughters English practice.

mohit yadav 2 years ago

I am happy with these story and you also na

Friedah Joy 2 years ago

this is very good

Adil khan 2 years ago

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wwriter profile image

wwriter 3 years ago from India Author

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the stories.

Dangat 3 years ago

I thanks to you for that all stories

Manavi 3 years ago

They are really wonderful stories!!!

wwriter profile image

wwriter 3 years ago from India Author

I am happy you liked the stories.

Dania 3 years ago

I love the story of the fox and the crow because i liked the bit when the crow drank the water and I loved the story of the lion and the mouse because I liked the bit at the end because they wore best friends for ever.

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