Should I Die Today...



Should I die today…then do my dreams as well.

I tried to make them work…but my plans all went to hell.

I asked for help from God…but that didn’t go so well.

I am quiet now…there is no story left to tell.

The earth…a place I love to be.

Why have you been so hard on me?

People…I both love and hate.

Knowing some people…ain’t all that great.

To try and have a mind that forgives.

Yet…my mind goes over so many things…because it lives.

My brain lives and operates in its own certain way.

Lord, give me peace for yet…one more day.

To live and die here are both really sad.

I honestly don’t know why you cut short all the times I was glad.

Should I die today…in the scheme of things doesn’t really matter much.

I would die a thousand times for one more moment of your touch.

To live and die on this planet…is it a blessing after all?

To live and die a man, as the one that God created…I will still be standing tall.

Whether I followed my future of what I wanted to be,

Is not clear enough to understand; Is this really and truly me?

All I know and all I can see,

Is that I am in my own destiny.

Should I die today or tomorrow,

Who cares…no need for sorrow!

My hopes and dreams will always live on,

In a new place where they can never go wrong!


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