Side By Side

We Are A Team

When everyone or everything else fails

We have each other

We pull together

Stronger than ever

One of us not feeling great

The other one helping out where needed

Picking up the slack

Creating humor to laugh

Finding the littlest things to brighten your day

We all have had disappointments

The good thing is that we can see past

Until the time comes

That we can put all this behind us

The great comfort and support

When we look back

We know going forward

There isn't anything we can't do

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annart profile image

annart 14 months ago from SW England

It is amazing what two people can achieve together, supporting and encouraging each other and others. Great sentiment in this lovely poem, perfect for this time of year.


DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 14 months ago Author

annart I didn't get married till I was 37. Feeling the love and energy I always wanted every day. Encouraging to do more for each other in little ways. That lead to a wonderful life. Different than most people you see in the news or even friends. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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