Simple Steps In Utilizing Your Dreams To Improve Your Writing


In the previous article, it was mentioned that you can use your dreams to maximize or to improve your work in writing. Using your dreams is one of the best ways to renew your creativity. Writing your dream is an important thing to do especially if you are trying to understand your dream. Here are some steps on how you can utilize your dreams and how to make sure that you will be dreaming in order for you to improve your writing.

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Keep a notebook handy

Always keep a notebook before you sleep. As a writer, our best tool is our pen and paper. Keep your notebook by the bed and write down your dream as soon as possible after waking up. Most people ignore their dreams because they think it is not relevant to their everyday life. In fact, for writers this is an important task on how we can improve our writings. Aside from that, there are certain meanings for every dream. We can use these meanings to have a little twist in our work in writing especially in adding additional information about your work.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Keep a recorder by the bed

With the up to date technology nowadays, recording for 8 to 10 hours is a piece of cake. Try to record your dream on a daily basis especially if you notice that your dreams are connected with each other. After waking up and you don’t like to write your dreams, it would really save you time if you can just dictate the happening in your dream through your recorder. Even if you are asleep, your recorder can still record your sleep.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Try not to tire yourself

Most of the time, if the body is tired due to work or fatigue, they don’t dream or in short they cannot remember their dreams due to being in a state of deep sleep. In your everyday task, try not to wear yourself out so that you can still have rest that your body requires and you enjoy dreaming of certain things to improve your writing. So if you work in a type of job that really requires physical activities, don’t forget to have enough rest during your breaks. Keep in mind as well that you have to take care of your body.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Dispose dream catchers

Do you believe in dream catchers? Dream catchers are really in boom today. The thing is it effectively blocks your unconscious mind in remembering your dream. Therefore, it is not really recommended that you have a dream catcher hanging in your room. If your dream catcher filters your dreams, you will not be able to remember your dreams and you will not be able to improve your writing.


These are just some ways on how you can utilize your dreams and how to have dreams. You can research further more on how the human brain works and what is the reason why do we have dreams in the first place. You can also try to think of some other ways on how to improve your writing.

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