Sitting Back And Hoping to Light A Fire Under My Butt

Great Balls Of Fire

I am here trying to find my motivation

Like a movie actor or actress when playing a part

I have to get into my role

I am a writer and writing is what I love to do

When I write I write for the sheer love of writing

If the words flow and most of the time they do

Then I try to write a little story/poem

If I start off and the words come out wrong or I am just too tired then I pack it up and I am like a camper who is all alone in the woods and my tent collapsed in the pouring rain

I just want to go home or to bed and sleep it off

What I like the best is when something hits me like lightning in the chest

I can see nothing else but the page before me filling up with letters and then words

Then I am in my groove

I don't know how or why or how long it will last but I try to write until my hands cramp

I feel like I am a football player running for the end zone

There is nothing or no one stopping me now

Here I come baby !

But what I am trying to do is bring on that feeling of excitement out of thin air

How to turn my gears from slow motion to that non stop pumping action

I will try anything once

I am having my yogurt fix to add a little culture

This way I will not be the same person who started this hub two hours ago

I am a changed man

Reaching down in my brain I try to extract every positive word I know as if I was a doctor with the biggest needle you ever did see

I will try every trick in the book and if they don't work then I will buy another book

So heres a little fun

Here's a well thought out plan of total insanity

I am striving for the sound that hasn't sounded yet

I am looking for reasons when the question haven't been asked yet

If anything else I hope I leave you with a little food for thought

Since everything I try to eat isn't working quite yet and I am running out of food in the house

Maybe you have a better idea ?

I am opened to all suggestions

I would have a suggestion box on the bottom of the page but I filled it up with too many of my own suggestions

So I may sit here and feel all alone but I know everyone in the world is just one click away

I am so excited

I feel like my hands are frozen and can't move

Stage fright of the hands

So many what if's

I only find one thing that is stopping me now

My kitten is staring me down as if I was challanged to a duel

I can't believe this

All I wanted to do is write a simple page about my current state of emotions

I think I have covered my point and so I don't go off the track

This is a note I am writing to myself not to forget finding new ways to keep the constant fire burning in a new hub for all the hubbers who will read this

I think I have to spray all my writings with pepper spray

So if you don't remember anything I say

You will leave crying and maybe not remember why ?

That might bring you back another time to one of my writings to finish where you left off

I can only wonder since this day is done and my kitten is pulling at my bathrobe and now leaping in my face

Nibbling at my hands because I am not showing her attention

A new post: One Kitten for rent

Slightly insane and willing to try anything once

How about one night with you and I will pay for the airfare

Goodnight for now and pleasant dreams......Dream On

Sorry it won't happen again

See you real soon Charlette

Will you stop clawing me now

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Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 5 years ago from Minnesota

I love your hubs:) I feel right at home listening to you go through your writing process. I was right there with you in your head, my friend. I bet kitty has you in the "people house aka doghouse" for your comment about kitty for rent. LOL

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago Author

Minnetonka Twin My kitten has given me the cold shoulder all day as if it was something I said.She is napping now and thinking sweet revenge(just a feeling I get)the chills down my spine are a good indication she is up to something I just don't know what yet.Thanks for enjoying.Have a very special night.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

I love the way your mind works. It seems to wander about looking for a place to land. :) The perfect way to think for a writer.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago Author

KoffeeKlatch Gals That was very nice.I just want to land at the same airport once.Some how I just keep traveling to different places and I see a new life and new things I have never seen before.May your day be always filled with excitement.Thanx.

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