Sitting Between Earth and Sky

Moment of Despair
Moment of Despair | Source

Sitting between earth and sky

And those tears are not yet dry

With heart burden of the suffer

And mind stands in the buffer

Evaluating the value of things

Undressing everything clings

Remembering the memory of the past days

Wondering why Fate plays in different ways

Helplessly lost in the mystery maze

Curious about the transformation phase

Standing on the stage of self-pity

Begs the coming moment of clarity

Feeling the same of quiet and noise

And deep inside hearing an angry voice

Not avail the prisoner to remain

Between the bars of hope and pain

A new day began and Sunrise was near

The Clouds have gone and the Sky was clear

The Soul talked after a time not spoken

You can’t mend what had been broken

Moment of Despair

Human nature is full of contradictions, we can go through a different emotions in the same time.

Fear and secure, sadness and happiness or even pain and hope, but we don’t pay much attention towards what we are going through, unless a major turning point appears in our life.

We all some how had experienced the meaning of loss , whether it was a material loss like losing a home or a job or even worse an emotional loss of losing someone you love.

After the incident of emotional loss, the experience usually change the perspective of life in people. We always hear about the cousin who lost his Mother or Father

The co-worker who lost his wife, may be the neighbour who recently lost her husband, or else reading on news about parents who lost what they have valued most, their child. but we never imagined that one day it could happen to us.

The memory of the people we love will always be their in our hearts and everything around will remind us of the good or yet the bad times we have spent with them

The importance and the value of what we have lost will define how much time we will need to get over our grief. But the first and hardest step is acceptance of the situation.

People usually have different reactions towards this timeless period,but we intend to have the same emotions, starting by sadness, blaming, anger, regretting and feeling self-pity,when we are trying to find a reason for our loss.

Ending by having a solution on our own terms to help in accepting this turning point that changed our life.This particular phase inspired me to write my poem,

“Sitting between Earth and Sky”

To describe and share the perception founded inside my grief, besides the long hard ride I had been through, when the confusion was overwhelming my thoughts and the pain of loss was shattering my mind.

Going through this turning point have made me known that, when the mind is in silent, you should listen carefully because the soul will start to speak, to help in reaching the acceptance point, because life goes on.

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Dewette profile image

Dewette 5 years ago from NV

beautifully said

emichael profile image

emichael 5 years ago from New Orleans

This is good, same-eg, very good.

Just a couple of things to note. If you want it eligible for the contest, you need to make sure the entire hub is 500 words and also include a photo attribution. If the photo is yours, make sure you say so, otherwise it will likely be disqualified.

I enjoyed this. Voted up, awesome, and beautiful.

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi Dewette, thanx for passing by and leaving your lovely comment :)

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi emichael, you are such a wonderful and helpful person , thank you for pointing to things I had missed and your voting wish me luck :)

emichael profile image

emichael 5 years ago from New Orleans

No problem, and I do wish you luck.

I looks like your hub is still a little short though. If you're unsure how to check, you can past your text into a Microsoft Word file and check the word count there.

Take care and thanks for following!

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Ok i'll do it now thanks again for your Help :)

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

This is such a beautiful poem. We all have our own way of dealing with grief but nature's beauty is sure a big helper.

Good luck

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi Rosemay, Thank you so much for your wishes and your time to leave this wonderful comment

profile image

maylee30 5 years ago

Hi thanks for following.

What do you do if you miss something which never was a relality? Our Human souls can't move on, yet we were never there! Chambers set out in our hearts to be filled,yet destined to be empty. How do you convince yourself that you don;t need something which fundamentally a seat has been saved for?

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi Maylee30, First of all thank you so much for your time and I do appreciate this insightful comment, however I will feel upset, confused ,angry, broken, regretting ,helpless and frustrated and asking my self why did that happened to me while I didn’t do anything wrong, but lately I found a secret that we all have the bless of forgetting things that hurt us most and that’s made me Believe the hearsay “time heal everything” , so I guess after the storm of emotions I will go through I will forgive first my self then others and then I will leave the rest to time to heal my pain

profile image

maylee30 5 years ago


PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

I second dewette. Good work!

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Thank you PDXK for passing by and leaving this nice comment, I'm glad you liked it

profile image

Mistel 5 years ago

very poetic! :)

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Thx Mistel

E Padro profile image

E Padro 5 years ago from United States

I love your poems, they are meaningful and intriguing. Life is full of surprises. We can't take for granted those little things that make our lives unique.

Thanks for stopping by.

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

An incredibly beautiful poem, thank you for sharing, best wishes to you, MM

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi E padro, thank you so much for your time to read my hub, and your insightful comment,you are so right life is full of surprises and we should be aware that nothing is granted in life

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

Hi Movie master, I'm so happy you liked my poem, Thank you for your lovely comment and your wishes

jimagain profile image

jimagain 5 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Yes, I agree...the human experience is often one of contradictory opposites, sometimes taking us from one extreme to the next. Great title, I like all that it conveys. And we certainly have our own unique way of dealing with these experiences. Good Hub. I voted UP!

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

exactly Jimagain, Thx dropping by and for sharing this wonderful and insightful comment

PADDYBOY60 profile image

PADDYBOY60 5 years ago from Centreville Michigan

Thank you for this poem. It is beautiful and full of your emotion. I am not a stranger to grief. Like Rosemay said earlier, we all have our own way of dealing with grief. Writing a poem or putting your thoughts down on paper are a couple of ways. Time also heals. I know this first hand too. Life is short and we should live like today is our last.

sam-eg profile image

sam-eg 5 years ago from Happy Land Author

True!!everyone have his own way to deal with pain,also time heal everything. thank you so much Paddyboy60 for dropping by and leaving this insightful comment

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

And in goes on. You are so right and spoke it beautifully.

thesensei1 profile image

thesensei1 5 years ago

I really like this. Its brilliantly written and beautiful.

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