Six poems

we, this great throbbing

huddled mass

of Disconnect

teeming and writhing

like worms in the meat

meeting and striving

imposing our worm-wills

feeding and dying

and spreading our seed


even now has come to an end

the world that once was then


the nights were young

full of natural electricity

you may find yourself

standing in a place so unfamiliar

yet so full of such bewildering


to something you knew before


you may just be watching

the wind as it plays

in ripples on the surface of the water

which passes under your feet

standing on a bridge


i am the man who weeps for the world

i am the man who weeps

i do not, I will not

bleed for the world

i’m not the one who bleeds

little sister, my love

do not dry your eyes on my account

i am a fleeting consolation

i have been

to the ends

of the world

i have seen

the great emptiness (it lies)

on the other side of that horizon


i will always weave

webs with thoughts

like a widow

black, heart in the shade

awaiting the day

when old ideas fade away

you may be obsolete

if you suddenly see

that you add nothing of adaptive


to this equation

but rather than gloat

i will be mourning

in the lotus posture

on some far and remote

desert oasis


be empty, be empty!

be utterly filled!

there is nothing to do

all is done well

embrace silent sleep

and don’t weep

for the dreamers

who find their repose

from where these screams grow


that you will be known

as you already are


that the distance

is never that far


cut your ties

abandon ship

and don’t forget

to forgive

all those shells

of your selves

just before

you burn them

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Literature Fairy profile image

Literature Fairy 5 years ago from England, UK.

Amazing collection of poems, that all flow together so well. Beautifully written! I think my personal favourite is the third one down, Hauntingly beautiful! Well done. LF x

japtaker profile image

japtaker 5 years ago from United States Author

Thank you very much, Literature Fairy

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