Sleep Dust.


Sleep Dust.



Its portal,
is the open mouths
of all of those

who slumber.
It slips quietly inside
giving souls wings.

Fantastic worlds expand,
as mortals

become Godlike,
or dance

like demons
in the making
of their own hell.

Endless illusions
cavort on

the pinpoints
of the pupils
beneath fluttering eyelids.

Smiles play

across lips,
or frowns bend,
as flesh tosses

and turns.

Much later

invade our daze,
with fantasies

from beyond
the sacred realms.

Make note of

your dreams,
some can hold

deeper meanings.

Beware the

of future warnings,
you just might

carry the torch
amidst the darkness
of man's follies.







Shivers Of Joy.  


Love like

winter glistens,
with a

thousand diamonds
in the gleam

of your eyes.

You are my

snow angel amidst
soft white blankets,
spreading heaven for me,
as we roll through
the January doldrums.

Hibernating in

each others arms,
outside the winds howl,
inside we giggle
and kiss away the chill.

It seems

that one can
never get

close enough,
in their flights
through the heavens
without eventually
melting into the

bliss of two,
me and you.







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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Ah- per chance to dream.

On snow like vanilla ice-cream!

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