The walls of this house are grey and allude to the prison you know you’re in. You have simply awakened from whatever life you have had before this and stumble to your feet in a living room. The rug beneath your dirty white converse was at one time red or maybe maroon- it’s too filthy to tell. The walls have blurry photographs that hold images you can’t make out- just above an old television that is obviously decades old and doesn’t work.

This place- this home is abandoned. But you know you’re not alone because you see the front door to your left and a short brown haired boy with the stillest- unmoving-possessive grey eyes staring at you. No voice; just eyes. But in his silence, he speaks to you; he tells you of your horrible fate, this horrible place, and the horrible ruler of this place. His eyes and stone cold dead face whispers that you’re trapped in a split between dreams and reality. It is a most dreadful realm; however, there is hope for you.

The ruler- the killer- the fabled character of your worst nightmare doesn’t know you are here. You gather yourself, rush past the grey eyed mute sentinel, out the door between life and death. You pull open the ragged and heavy door to let in the brightest light you’ve ever seen. As your eyes focus, you glimpse the most beautiful neighborhood, green and clean. But you can’t shake what you feel. You know that there is no one in these beautiful homes. No children are at play at the park that you “know” is around the corner. There is no one anywhere. You will be alone in this world if you leave.

So you turn around and re-enter the house you woke in, past the weeds that adorn the house, back through the door of ultimatums. You would rather be imprisoned within the walls of a murders home than be alone. You shut out the light.


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