Slipping & Sliding (such a good time)

Thoughts screaming past you like a thousand shooting stars

Promising to love you when they leave you'll bear the scars

Those jewel encrusted honeytraps entice with their fools gold

The velvet noose tightens its grip, you're losing all control.

Your careful mask of balance is sure to slip before too long,

It's time you found another scene with less that could go wrong

Falling out of focus now the lines are getting blurred

You know it's fucking hopeless and you're only getting worse
Leading you through darkness, silent screams unheard

Gain nothing from your failures a lifetime's lessons go unlearned

Always near but never yet,

Locked in your graveyard of regrets

Your blinkered views filter the lights,

Til' none can tell wrong roads from right,

Vandalise the black and white with fifty shades of grey

Your endless day submits to night and now it's time to pay..


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