Sloth Jockey

an edgy online literary magazine

Sloth Jockey has been online since June 2008, publishing top-notch edgy poetry, articles, short stories, and art.

Sloth Jockey was started by Jason Gantenberg, Blake Mikol, and Danny Barajas, all of whom still serve as editors today. Their quirky takes on life, literature and art make the site a fun place to visit and read. The magazine is always open to submissions, and new work is published as it is accepted. Besides the regular literary and visual arts pieces, you can also find reviews and some music at Sloth Jockey.

The editors are always eager to see more good work come in, and love offering a forum for whatever type of work catches their fancy. There is no central theme to the site, allowing it to develop according to the tastes of its readers, contributors, and editors. It is not (yet) a paying market, but perhaps one day it will be so.

Poems.  Essays.  Music.  Video.  Photos.  Sketches.  Paintings.  Flash Fiction.  Materials for review.  You can find it all at Sloth Jockey, as long as it is good quality work.  There are things that will make you laugh, and things that will make you cringe.  And there might be a thing or two to make you think.  

One way or another, it is one of my favorite spots to stop in when I am on the web. 

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