Small fluffy snowflake

Small fluffy snowflake

From my window watching snow falling to the ground one flake at a time, perhaps tens of thousands of snowflakes at the same time whirling around in the wind. Some floating gentle to the ground, hovering sometimes looking for the right spot to fall or maybe they are looking for a friend. Sometimes they are forced to the ground, the wind pushing, driving them to the ground, not having a choice of where to land. Floating, hovering, being pushed, no matter how they fall from the sky above soon they begin to mount up, quickly covering the ground, getting deeper by the minute.

Every think around begins to turn white, the ground the trees, nothing escapes the white fluffy snowflake as its falls from the sky. Soon tracks appear, where people and animals, cars and lorries have been leaving there marks, but quickly being covered again from the ever falling snow, whirling, dancing in the sky. Minute by minute, hour by hour the snow becoming deeper bring joy to the children laughing as they play. Snow ball fights, building snowmen wondrous of the small fluffy snowflake that floated down from the sky.


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