"Snip, Snip....Hooray !!"

Snip, Snip.........Hooray!!

She crumpled
before a judge,
grown weary of

continual abuse cases,
guilty of cigarette burns
and reckless homicide
on her 3 month old girl.

Mandatory sterilization
was her sentence,
forever insuring that

she never bore sorrow
into his courtroom again.


Snippet, Snippet.....Hooray!!

Open Mike Night.


She strode
into the cafe,
this poetess
of the streets.

A rare beauty who
aroused me, fully clothed.

All eyes were glued to
this female Hemingway,
as she eloquently
uttered bold lines
graced with style.

She sold 300 chapbooks.





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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

You have a way sir! Thanks

cosette 6 years ago

hmm very cool...

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