Snoozing In Schools.

Snoozing in schools.


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Way down in the oceans deep
what do fish do when we sleep
do they close their bulging eyes
blowing bubbly lullabies?

Do they snore creating sounds
made mute by water all around?
perhaps they lay down on their sides
just drifting with the ocean's tides
across the sandman's vast supplies.

Do they snooze when seas turn black
their tails unmoving... fins all slack,
do jellyfish sleep in their sacks,
those puffy bags upon their backs?

Do electric eels switch off their current
the hum would be a sleep deterrent?

do octopuses often hate
their feet falling asleep ....."all eight??"

Do plankton nap on ancient wood
the boards of shipwrecks lost for good?

Do swordfish sheath their pointed nose
so no one's stuck while in repose?

Do sardines snuggle as they doze
like those found canned in tidy rows?

It looks quite comfy..I suppose.

Are they all snoozing unaware
that sharks could be their next nightmare?
does sleep mean that they're dead for sure?

insomnia bugs all predators.

The ocean bed is not too great
for sleeping you could wind up bait.

I guess they spend their days and nights
eyes open with or without lights.

It makes a lot of sense to me,
I'd get no rest as a fishy
if I lived deep beneath the sea.


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