Snow Body's Home At Last.

Bitter biting blast
encapsulates my flesh,
nostril hairs now
frozen stalactites
in the caverns of my
wind tunnels,
my lungs ache from the
cryrogenics sucked,
feet like lead slugs
crick-crackle over
the frigid landscape,
ill-prepared for a breakdown
just blocks from my home,
huge blocks of ice,
and I am the fly
caught in the middle,
crawling through
a long tubular bubble
in hopes to escape,
suddenly my front door,
appears amidst the swirls
of January's dandrough,
numb fingers fumble
brutal metal keys,
insertion much like a virgin
clumsy with several misses,
then heat, and hearth,
a wood stove,
fully stocked
piled high with maple slabs,
I collapse
by it's orange glow,
my winter sun,
where I will thaw,
and hibernate
till Triple AAA
drags me back to
the ice age
to retrieve my
distant Mercury.


~~~©-MFB III

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