Snowly owl howl

Across the globe this stark contrast is on the prowl,

being seen in unusual places the common though is wow,

what brings a nomad like this in at such numbers as another lemming goes out... wise owl striking silently with a powerful pow,

like winged angels they show up unannounced and in silent secrecy they vow,

to keep their knowledge hidden biblical like a holy brama cow,

golden horns trumpet percussion brass brings up the dow,

down to the mess hall with the economy banks begin to chow,

screaming like company commanders fee's begin to plow,

mistakes paid for in sweat... every drop taken leaving no materials to make you you, yea who's the man now,

everybody left felt feeling stupid and useless opening an eye or just lifting a brow,

little pussy cat purrs... meow,

awakened to play mouser curiosity has only tough us to bow,

down at the feet of crowns...

thorn held at stake with nothing more than simple nouns,

this story is shitty the fart air is even brown,

out spinning vision gophers, dirt piling pyramid mounds,

eating dirt-cakes fresh-made to keep eking on little pounds,

wizards wand circles starting another round, quidditch begins fighting... gravity pulls at the ground

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The Writers Dog 5 years ago

The most beautiful bird on the planet is the owl. My home is full of anything and everything that I can find to do with them... figures, china, pictures, clothing and more.

A poem about these magnificent creatures is now bookmarked on my HP account.

Thank you so much! Voted up.

goego profile image

goego 5 years ago from Loserland Author

thank you for reading and enjoying, I think the pup pictured could use some owl sunglasses

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

I loved your poem and the video of the snowy owls was simply beautiful. I wanted to hug them. I dearly love animals and I think the owl will now be on my list of favorites. Dogs still being at the top of course! A wonderful hub.

goego profile image

goego 5 years ago from Loserland Author


these owls are amazing, I think if they were related to a dog breed it may be a wolf

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