So Long

R.I.P Robear, I'll always love you  3
R.I.P Robear, I'll always love you 3

So Long 05/31/11

The world is a fucked up place

sick with love and even sicker with hate

Homeless going hungry

Children getting abused

Money breaking life styles

Women gettin used

People stealing from their own family and friends

The lower class will do anything to keep up with the trends

Kids are playing with guns

Killing each other each year

Some just won't take all the shit

That's why they aren't here

When the world is coming down

Just glance in to your past

Look at all the fun you had

And the memories that will last

Don't look around at the moment you are in

Odds are you are alone, without any of those friends

You against the world is not the way to go

The world will break you, this is something you should know

Look at all the evil

It let conspire over time

The only way to beat it

Is a melding of the minds

Why didn't you just call

When it was only you in the end

I never turned my back

I would of given you my hand.

I guess I can be a hero

Just not for you

Cuz now you're with the angels

With better things to do

Watch over those that love you

We all miss you so much

That smile was legendary

To so many that you touched

Don't break too many hearts in Heaven

not near the stars and moon

Just be patient and I'll be there

To love you really soon

Until then I know you'd say

Keep on keepin on

We'll all be reunited

I just wish it wouldn't be so long.

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Poetic Fool 5 years ago

Touching, sad and true all to often. I'm sorry for your loss.

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 5 years ago from Chicago Author

Poetic Fool, thank you. It was difficult to write, I still feel like I have more to say.

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Poetic Fool 5 years ago

Huey19, if you feel like you have more tosay then maybe you should. It would likely help you and maybe others. :)

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 5 years ago from Chicago Author

I'll get around to something along these lines sooner than later. It's just hard because this particular piece/topic has to be perfect in my eyes.

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