So Many Tears

You scarred my heart more than you know
Hardened it with your deceitful ways.
I lost myself in a web of lies.
Only to discover I was someone you only despised.
Your eyes unveiled the coldness buried deep inside.
Your sarcasm and jokes were a mask of your truly cruel side.
I never dreamed in a million years an I love you would end with so many tears........


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shprd74 profile image

shprd74 17 months ago from Bangalore


the pace,

with poetic grace,

about tears,

on the face,

is all extremely nice.

- Hari

proudmamma profile image

proudmamma 17 months ago Author


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my hub.


teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 17 months ago

A sad poem but it is written so beautifully.

proudmamma profile image

proudmamma 17 months ago Author

Thank you teaches12345 for the compliment. Taking time to read my hub is greatly appreciated.

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