SoMeTiMeS ThE FiRsT CuT Is ThE dEePeSt

All I want is life's simplest cherished things,

happiness seems a bonus free to one and all,

love is yet another that peace and joy doth brings,

a dream of a lonely boy since he was very small.

Emotions seem to inhibit and slowly smother me,

I wrestle with torment and nightmares late at night,

to love and hope to exist and want it to be,

being blind isn’t a bonus when to others your out of sight.

When everything you want seems to go away,

life just seems so simple when all your skies are blue,

even when sunny skies begin to fade to grey,

nothing appears to matter to those that don't know you.

Tragedy lies before us like a sinking shroud of doom,

tears of salt burn my skin my aching heart profound,

faded shadows mask my form highlighted by the moon,

the only destiny that we have is six feet underground.

The first cut is the deepest and generally understood,

alone in a crowd the shrieks that hurts my ears

a heart-shaped puddle on the floor created by my blood,

a prisoner of my soul surrounded by my fears.

Do you really know me or even know my name,

why does others misery make you walk on by,

can you sense the isolation that always gives me pain,

it's not always tears of laughter that makes you want to cry.


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