Societal Initiation


By Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

Welcome, young child, to this cruel initiation!

Come and see the horrible things that wait!

Poverty and starvation are the two biggest hits,

Along with the stress that can't compensate.

Welcome, young dear, to society, unjust.

With sadness and tears and anger brought here.

Demanding with such an unquenchable thirst

For power and greed and your greatest fear.

Welcome to adulthood, as cruel as it is.

Where the depression is never-ending.

I'd say "Try to see from my point of view,"

But I forgot to conform to your back-bending.

Here comes society! So strong, they say!

Here come the media! Get out of their way!

Here come the government! Please let them stay!

Here come the people! Get them away!

Here come the laws! You better obey!

Here come the military! They're ordered to slay!

Here come the peace-keepers! Degenerate prey!

Here comes the country with utter disdain!

Welcome, young one, to the stress surmounted.

Take this gun, it'll be much easier on you.

Take a bullet to the head to get away from this.

I know that I wish I could have, too.

Welcome, my sweet, to the pain of society,

Where they degrade you for being anything

But perfect and rich and skinny and straight.

Sorry society, but I won't become your play-thing.

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shadow*tim* 5 years ago

our society is nothing but a moraly bankrupt, power tripping, social conspiricy. saturated in the crushed souls of what they consider to be un-fit. but in truth society is un-fit for those of us who havnt let them cage our minds.

(fly little bird, freedom taste's so sweet)

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