Society Shame

One man looks
Another looks.
A drowning man
struggles to survive
the trials of life.
Trying to make it
to shore.

No one helps
or reaches out to him.
Watching to see
what will happen next.

No remorse
No concern
They all watch.
The man takes
two big gulps.

And under the water
he goes.
No concern or recognition.
from others.

Only the carrying on
of their daily routines.
Unaffected by it all.
Where is our
brother's keeper?
Does he still

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sweethearts2 profile image

sweethearts2 4 years ago from Northwest Indiana

We can look and never see. We can hear and never listen. We can talk and say nothing. We can live and be dead.

This poem says it all, WELL DONE. Voted up and awesome

Open Heart 4 years ago Author

Beautifully said, thanks.

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