Softest Strengths.


Softest Strengths   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

There is soft strength
in a hug,
two arms
to enfold
ten fingers
to rub away
the stress of
a back bearing load
of cares beyond
the weary support
of one's own spine.

There is a 
softer strength
in the eyes
that hold
love for you,
one can get
swept away
in their depths,
and float on
the cushion
of the lips
that follow.

But the softest
of strengths
is the faith
in knowing
that no matter
how hard
the world becomes,
there is a haven
to flee to,
in the warm hugs,
the caring eyes,
and the bliss of a kiss,
shared by two,
along the tedious
roads of life.

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