Solo Unplugged


Solo- unplugged.    

Back porch, sunrise,
cup of

warm Java,
and an

ovation guitar,
fingers strumming down
as the

sun rose up,
song being birthed
from the

sound hole,
vocals echoing

across back fields,
where butterflies
began to dance,
and birds

chirp along,
nothing to fret
but the strings
fingers pressing harmony
with natures melodies
played out

all around me
in act one

of a new day.
I perceive the world
as a tightly

strung instrument,
that must be

gently stroked,
as we compose our lives
in concert with

others around us,
there will

be discordance,
many sharp

and flat moments,
but the song

will go on,
long after our

vocal chords
are but dust

and bone.



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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

You soloist you! I just mentioned that. Deja Vudu Dude!

George J Hardy profile image

George J Hardy 6 years ago from Southern New Jersey

wonderful allegorical style!

Moesky profile image

Moesky 6 years ago from Amsterdam

...and all is good in the world!

I'm a songwriter too, and you've captured the whole magical process in your beautiful words perfectly.

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