Some Funny and Useful Quotes

Shareable Useful and Funny Quotes

1. Don't expect your Friend to be a perfect person, But Help your Friend to become a Perfect person.

2. If your enemies throw a stone at you, just smile and throw back a Flower at them.......But make sure you have thrown it with the pot.

3. Workers plays Football, Managers plays Tennis, and CEOs plays Golf. Higher you go, Ball goes small and you need a better vision.

4. Height of misunderstanding. He always thought that he is good fCUker until.......He found that his wife was Asthmatic.

5. Life is like a movie, if you are sad then its drama, if you are afraid then its suspense, if you are angry then its action, when you looks at mirror then Horror, and now you are smiling that's comedy.

6. Maturity is not when we start Speaking Big Things, but actually it is when we start Understanding Small Thing.

7. When you rise up, your friends know who you are! When you fall down, you knows who are your friends.

8. Inspirational Words. Of Bill Gates stops his business and start expending his money by $200 thousands daily, he will need 735 years to spend it.

9. Loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by ourselves. But very hard to digest when gifted by others.

10. The person who tries to keep everyone happy is always the most LONELY PERSON.

A HORROR STORY. A beautiful night night is when you hug your teddy bear and sleep.. But Horror is when it Hugs you back.

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lonelyleo002 2 years ago from Rajkot Author

Thank you guys for your likes. To give a laugh to someone is biggest gift ever.

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