Some Gin And A Sobering Tonic.

Some Gin and a Sobering Tonic.


Enticing eyes

that teased,
lips bent in a

suggestive smile,
body language

that said yes,
fingers touching my leg,
as she chats

on about how,
nice it

could be
if I bought

her a drink,
leaning in snug

against my shoulder,
laughing at

all I say,
as the wallet

comes out,
the liquor is poured,
and she

sips it
gratefully kissing

my cheek,
promising more

with her hug,
then suddenly....
another hand grips

my shoulder hard...
angry eyes

flash wrath,
lips curled

into a sneer,
body language

that says trouble,
a quick glance at her
ring finger on

her tanned

left hand

ghostly circle
standing out

strangely pale,
as her husbands fingers
fold into a fist
and attempt to

collide with my jaw,
I block and

gut level, and

he collapses
like a exploding

paper bag.

Her eyes

wide in shock
beg weak apologies,
lips pursed

in a large O
fingers reaching

for her hubby,
as I grab

her drink,
and pour it

down her bodice,
and exit her

deceptive efforts
to lead me on.

Just another

Saturday night,
amidst the

lonely and the
in Any-town, U.S.A.

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Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 6 years ago from Near the Ocean

Oh! I came looking for a sultry love poem. Surprise. I'll go looking further, I know you got em. (I like that she got doused.)

Moulik Mistry profile image

Moulik Mistry 6 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Wonderful - I am always amazed by your writing, well done, very well done...

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Another idiot husband chasing and protect what "ain't"! Nothing for me please! Thanks MFB!

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