Some Thoughts On Airing One's feelings.

Airing one's feelings



Ugly....stripped feelings
hanging over the closed line 

of communications. 

Never really drying up
due to the reigns of grief
that prevail.

Just trying to air them out
so that they can be
seperated from the true feelings
still left untouched in one's heart.

Yet they hold stains

that are only erased
by the warmth of forgiveness
but it's cloudy again
and the forecast is for overcast
and gloomy days ahead.

Ugly lashed feelings
pinned tightly
to a heartstring stretched
to its breaking point.

The chill winds howl
and tug upon them
trying to break them free
and scatter them
without a care.

Only to make room for
the weight of more
feelings heavier than these.

Endless piles of feelings
not yet aired
damp...damned and cold.

They merely exist
sitting huddled like bent old men
in the mustiness
of love's basement
bleeding the colors of what was
down the drain forevermore.

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broussardleslie profile image

broussardleslie 7 years ago

"Hanging over the closed line of communication"

That is an excellent word picture!

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