Some Thoughts On Woofers And Tweeters.

Some Thoughts On Woofers And Tweeters.


What creature
comfort is this,
soft fur,
big liquid
brown eyes,
always showing love.

By my side through
thick and thin,
faithful companion,
unless a perfumed
poodle wanders by.

My love is unleashed
yet still it remains,
my protector,
Alas for only
a mere fourteen years
of bliss.

While parrots squawk
for fifty or more,

creatures with a

pecker on thier face

and a talent for

only staining newsprint

with even more crap,

or mimicing

your repetitive


God's one miscalculation,
but nevertheless
I cherish the time.

Long walks together,

or half stumbling runs
sharing the
yum-mies of life,
belly rubs
face licks,

and uncompromising

could there be
anything better?


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