Some Ways On How To Have A Habit Of Setting Time Limits For Your Writing


As a writer, it is really recommended that you must have a schedule when to write something. This is the time of the day that you are very active and very creative. Follow this schedule on a daily basis not unless you have something to do over the weekends. You can set up a schedule over the weekends however, always remember that you should also have a day to reward yourself to celebrate your accomplishment for your work. Here are some recommendations on what specific time of the day you can work on your writing.

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Morning glorifies your creativity

If you are a male writer, it is really recommended that you do your work fresh in the morning, preferably at dawn. This is the time that your mind is refreshed after a good rest. Having to write at night is not recommended for male writers since men work hard during the day and deserves a good rest after work. Another reason why it is not recommended to work at night is because due to fatigue male writer’s minds are distracted and is eager to take some rest and will not be able to concentrate harder on their writing project. Creativity and productivity of male writers are not that great during night time. Besides, night time is the best time to bond with kids and to have intimate relationship with their partner.

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Afternoon delight for working moms

On the other hand if you are a female writer and have kids, writing during the afternoon is more recommended for female writers. This is the time that kids especially toddlers rest and take a nap caused by a huge amount of playtime during the morning. This provides an advantage to moms who are working online as article writers, content writers, novelist and news publishers. Kids running around the house can be distracting sometimes for writers and cannot be helped since kids have a psychological behavior to do so. Therefore, take advantage during the afternoon that they are tired and are sleeping peacefully. You can watch them while they sleep at the coach or slacking down at the carpet after running all around the house. Plus you get motivated by looking at them sleeping peacefully while having the peace of mind to write something on your writing project.

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Time is available even in the busiest writer

If you are a writer who is always on the go and cannot even set up a schedule for your writing, it is not the end of the world for you to give up your passion as a writer. Let me provide a good example for a busy writer to have a schedule for their writing. Writing can be done while on the train or on the bus while waiting for their destination. Usually, busy people have a timeline that they regularly follow allowing them to be on time to catch their schedule. While following their schedule, unknowingly they have a time that they can set up a schedule for their writing. This is during waiting times while on a vehicle. In a short span of 15 to 30 minutes to arrive to their destination, some writers can already jot down some notes and ideas to help them in their writing. Only challenge here as a busy writer is overcoming the distractions caused by noise while on the go. I believe this is not a problem as long as you can come up with ideas to jot down on your notes. During your vacant period, this is the time that you combine all your ideas and come up with a work of art.


Whether you are a male or female writer, you can come up with a specific schedule for your writing. This also is applicable whether you are a busy person or you have all the time in the world to write something. In a small amount of time on a daily basis, you can finish your goals in your writing project. Imagine 15 to 30 minutes a day multiplied by 5 to 6 times a week is equivalent to 2 to 5 hours’ time of writing. You can already come up with an article, a chapter, or a sequence for your writing by that amount of time.

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