Some of my older poetry from my younger days!

I Wish

If I could reach the top
If I could climb so high
I wish someone would see me
though I wish someone would hear me
If only I could climb
I could reach the top
everybody would see me then
and yet everyone would hear me too
If I could climb so high
I wish I could be heard
I wish I could be seen
it seems like everybody is gone
or they are just not listening!


Nobody sees what I see
Nobody hears what I hear
the only people who can
are people who treat me right
Those people are called my friends!
Friends are people that
stick with you through everything
They don't let you down
they don't turn on you one day
the wanna make up the next
Friends are people you can count on
people that you can call upon
and ask for help anytime that you need them
you can't just do that with just anyone
just the people you love and cheris
and if you find out
that they could turn their back on you
then find a new friend and remember
Making friends is only the begining!!

Just Wait

Just wait for a minute
just wait for a second
I don't know what I am doing
how about you?
I just don't know if this is right
I don't know if I should do this
is it right?
I just want to know
if I should go on with this
what will happen to me?
I know you want to do this
but I just don't think it is the right time
so why don't we save it for another time,
is that alright with you?

Daddy or a Father

Somebody once said
"Anyone can be a father,
but it takes somebody special to be a daddy."
I believe that this is true
because somebody special has to be willing
to love you and care for you
comfort you when you're sad
take you to the doctor when you are sick
buy you gifts for christmas and your birthday
that is what somebody calls a daddy.
For someone who is only a father
is somebody who doesn't care
somebody who only helped make you
A father doesn't care
a father may love you,
but not as much as a daddy does
A daddy is supposed to be special
to their angels
so what is your dad
A Father or A Daddy?

I Wonder

I wonder what she really thought
I wonder if she ever bought
I wonder if she ever Loved
did she ever see a dove
was she here
was she there
could she have been over there
how could she have done this
she was fine as she is
so we will miss her
oh, how we will miss her for sure!!

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DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

DRG Da Real Grinc 5 years ago from All over the USA

Nice. I like them all.

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