Something I Cannot Do- A Sexual Abuse Poem

Something I Cannot Do

Something I Cannot Do

I tried to find forgiveness for me to say

But honestly, the truth is

It's just too far away.

I know it would be the right thing to do,

To reach inside and find those words

But even if I did, they wouldn't be the truth.

Maybe if I gave myself more time to heal

If years have gone by, even if the scars remained

Maybe I'd be able to deal.

For years you've touched me in ways that have brought me down

Now it's time for me to reach up, stand up

Smile and get back up off from the ground.

I can say I want to get better, I want to move on

I'm done thinking about the past

I'm ready to think the pros and the throw away the cons.

But to see you again and tell you I forgive you,

The most precious words from my lips,

That's just something I cannot do.

If Someone Is Abusing You

If someone's abusing you in any way or form you have the right to report it. You are a beautiful person. Do not let this abuser get away with it for years. And if it has already been going on for years well I think it's about time that you get your freedom. I was abused by my biological father in many different forms for many years and am still trying to heal from the effects it had on my life.

Reach out for help!

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mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd

If someone abuse you just let them know how much you can tolerate and after some time they feel shame on them...

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