Somewhat Suggestive Thoughts


Somewhat Suggestive Thoughts.    

there are nights whose cloaks
only cover the emptiness
beneath the soul of one
whose heart longs
for something more,
some saviour to add
seasoning to the star burnt eve.....
and inspiration is a puzzle
with one piece absent....
and all lies unfinished
in the handiwork of the firmament

when discourse becomes divorced
and love is aborted in ones heart,
then all that remains is one hand
holding itself in the air,
unable to grasp the emptiness....
and so it turns to itself
in the wee hours until
the muses of love
pay tribute again

I remember when
the whole world
was my creme bu lay
toasting in the sun,
and handing me sweetness daily,
nothing to fear,
all of life a new
and delightful discovery,
but then the edges burned
and the whole flaming mass
fell on my foot,
and I danced madly
to the heat of sorrow
and eventually limped
into a future bleak
with the knowledge
of a sharp edged world
with flying lead and
leaders flying off the handle,
and nothing to hold on to but dismay....





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seasoning 6 years ago

i love your work, i think you have an answer for every little problem in life, well done

seasoning 6 years ago

i love your work, i think you have an answer for every little problem in life, well done

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