Somewhere Over The rainbow Is A very Long Walk.


Somewhere over the rainbow is a very long walk.

© -MfB III 


Somewhere over the rainbow
is a very long walk
that I took as a kid
visualizing that pot of gold
that I would find
I packed two double
peanut butter sandwiches
some Oreo cookies and a
canteen of Koolaid
and set off with
high hopes of
14 carat doubloons that
would secure my future
many hours and
sore feet later
I hobbled home
a bit more grownup
and grounded for making
my folks worry
the colors seemed
to go on and on
with no end in sight
but when the food
and water ran out
so too did my desire

yet deep inside me
I'm still following that rainbow
hoping for a pot of gold
to secure what's
left of my future
only now it stretches
across a palette
in my studio
and I trace its ends
on some canvas
hoping someone will
hobble home with it
leaving me a pile of coins
for what it's worth
to put in my pot
and granting them a piece
of the rainbow
that so many have loved
to dream over.

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