Son Goku Vs Superman

Son Goku and Superman are regarded as the strongest being in the universe on their respective cartoon series. A lot of us are fond of these mighty heroes not only because of their amazing abilities but mainly on how passionate they are in saving our planet. They even risk their own life just to make sure our word is safe from all the evil plans carried out by vicious villains. Son Goku and Superman are definitely two of the well-respected superhero figures today. Have you ever imagined what the result would be if Son Goku and Superman duel? Let’s just discount the fact that they both fight for justice and simply let them battle each other to see who truly deserves to be called the strongest being in the universe. Can Superman’s strength and speed be enough to stop Son Goku’s rampage? Will the Sayan come out victorious against the Son of Krypton? Let’s all witness the epic confrontation of Son Goku vs Superman!

Son Goku saying goodbye.
Son Goku saying goodbye.

Son Goku

Real Name: Kakarot

Place of Birth: Saiyan Planet

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8'’

Weight: 145 lbs.

Powers: Kame-Hame Wave, Super strength and speed, seemingly limitless energy, energy ball, instant teleportation, flight

Brief History: Son Goku is one of the few Saiyan who survived as their plant was destroyed by Freeza. Saiyans send babies to conquer various planets and Son Goku was lucky enough to be sent to earth before Freeza annihilated his entire race. Goku was found and adopted by Gohan. He was a very stubborn and rude baby at first until he accidentally fell and bumped his head. The incident totally changed Son Goku’s attitude and made him forget about his true mission. His great fighting skills were evident even when he was just a kid. He then took trained under Master Roshi together with his best friend Kuririn. His adventures never stopped from there. He eventually became one of the strongest being in the universe and the protector of Earth.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Saiyans have a tail which is without a doubt their main weakness. Simply holding it will greatly weaken them. However, this tail also enables them to transform into a giant beast during full moon. Goku managed to overcome this weakness with the help of Master Roshi. He was able to cut Son Goku’s tail after he turned into a monster during a Martial Arts tournament. From that day onwards, Goku’s only weakness is food. He easily hungers and can’t fight well with an empty stomach. It may sound funny but probably the only way to beat the strongest being in the whole universe is to make him hungry. Son Goku’s strength on the other hand lies on his speed and almost limitless power. He also has a technique where all living creatures can lend him their power to create a huge ball of energy. This special technique was used in various occasions especially in beating his strongest enemies.


Superman fan art
Superman fan art


Real Name: Clark Kent, Kal-El

Place of Birth: Krypton

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3’’

Weight: 235 lbs.

Powers: Super speed and strength, can emit laser beams from eyes, flight, invulnerable to most attacks

Brief History: Superman is the sole survivor of Krypton. His father was a great scientist and was able to predict the impending doom that their planet will face. Before the planet destructed Superman was sent out to the nearest livable planet which is Earth. He was then adopted by a good couple and kept his true identity a secret for many years. Nevertheless, hiding his true origin was impossible as Superman gradually discovers his special gifts. He can fly, has tremendous strength and speed, can see through walls, and emit lasers from his eyes. Of course no human could possibly have such kind of powers. After knowing where he came from and seeing that the world needs a protector, he then decided to be the Superman all of us love, and disguise as Clark Kent, a journalist.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Despite Superman’s insane powers, he can easily be beaten through a piece of rock. Kryptonite, which is a remnant of his planet, can greatly weaken Superman. His arch nemesis, Luthor knows about this fact and often uses such kind of rock to even threaten Superman’s life. However, Superman’s will to fight for justice never fails to give him the strength in facing even seemingly invulnerable foes.


Son Goku vs Superman fan art
Son Goku vs Superman fan art

The Battle:

A month after Son Goku defeated Cell, he set forth to Metropolis with Bulma in search for the four star dragonball. Son Goku was very eager to complete the Dragonballs as soon as possible to revive all his friends killed by Cell. Bulma’s Dragonball radar pointed on a construction site. Goku searched for it and started digging. His tremendous punches were enough to destroy huge boulders of rock and he was able to create a huge crater in just minutes. The whole Metropolis shook each time Son Gokus punch lands and Superman was alarmed as to what or who caused the turmoil. Son Goku has not bad intention as he was merely digging for the dragonball yet Superman does not know what he is up to. Son Goku finally had a glimpse of the four star dragonball and was about to reach for it when a man with a blue suit and red cape grabbed his leg and thrown him straight towards nearby construction materials. Bulma was shocked to see Superman. She knows Superman is a good fellow and it’s just a big misunderstanding but Son Goku’s thirst for a good fight was awakened. He challenged Superman on a brawl away from the city and the Kyptonian agreed without hesitation. Son Goku initiated the fight with his famous technique, Kame-Hame Wave. Superman was almost caught by the explosion yet his superhuman speed helped him escape unharmed. Nevertheless, Son Goku was nowhere to be found. Superman was caught off guard as Son Goku kneed him in the stomach then pounced the back of his head with a two handed slam. Superman fell harshly on the ground and created a huge explosion. Son Goku assured his victory by throwing countless balls of energy straight to Superman. He stopped and waited for the dust and ruins to clear and was surprised to see that Superman was not there. The Superhero initiated a surprise attack of his own and punched Son Goo on the face. He then grabbed the Sayan on the feet and started whirling him. The momentum drastically increased in absurd amount in a matter of minutes and Superman let go of Son Goku sending him straight to the ground. Superman is not done yet as he grabbed huge rocks and threw them towards Son Goku. Superman thought he won but Son Goku was able to emerge from the debris. The two might heroes are heavily breathing. They decided to finish the fight with one last confrontation. Son Goku focused all his energy in a fist and charged straight towards Superman. The Kryptonian accepted the challenged and threw a punch that can shake the world. The impact was unimaginable as their energies met. Bulma finally caught up with them and saw a figure falling from the sky. It was Superman. Son Goku caught him mid-air and laid him on the ground. He then asked Bulma to let Superman have a Magic Bean to heal him. Superman recovered and was pleased to know that Son Goku shares the same goal which is to protect earth. They shook hands and parted ways looking forward to fight together someday as allies.


Son Goku defeating Superman
Son Goku defeating Superman

Who would win the match?

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Son Goku and Superman battling in mid-air.Son Goku focusing energy in front of SupermanSon Goku and Superman about to clash.Son Goku and Superman first fight.Son Goku almost hitting Superman with energy beam.Superman landing a punch against Son Goku.Son Goku unleashing his infamous Kame Hame Wave.Son Goku's energy beam blocked by Superman.Superman grabbing defeated Superman through his costume.Superman defeated in battle.
Son Goku and Superman battling in mid-air.
Son Goku and Superman battling in mid-air.
Son Goku focusing energy in front of Superman
Son Goku focusing energy in front of Superman
Son Goku and Superman about to clash.
Son Goku and Superman about to clash.
Son Goku and Superman first fight.
Son Goku and Superman first fight.
Son Goku almost hitting Superman with energy beam.
Son Goku almost hitting Superman with energy beam.
Superman landing a punch against Son Goku.
Superman landing a punch against Son Goku.
Son Goku unleashing his infamous Kame Hame Wave.
Son Goku unleashing his infamous Kame Hame Wave.
Son Goku's energy beam blocked by Superman.
Son Goku's energy beam blocked by Superman.
Superman grabbing defeated Superman through his costume.
Superman grabbing defeated Superman through his costume.
Superman defeated in battle.
Superman defeated in battle.

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Comments 21 comments

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 4 years ago

Hmmm...I always thought Goku was taller than that. Oh well. However, you might want to re edit his birthplace, as the Saiyan's home world is called Vegeta (i know that's the same name as one of his adversaries/allies in the anime, but it's the same name for his home world as well).

Also, you forgot to include super breath and super intelligence as part of superman's powers.

Having said all that, I couldn't agree more on who'd win in a fight between these two. I think if superman fought Goku anytime before he ever became a super saiyan, then Superman would win easily against Goku. at super saiyan level 1, I would say they're evenly matched. anything beyond that for Goku, then I think superman should just call it a day against him, as he wouldn't have much of a chance.

Xnanga profile image

Xnanga 4 years ago from Scotland

Interesting article, though wouldn't Goku's "real name" be Kakarot? That's his original saiyan name.

Deep Metaphysical profile image

Deep Metaphysical 4 years ago from India

Ehhh Hulk smash them both!

Stev0 4 years ago

Hey folks! I don't agree with your results. Goku is way more powerful and a waaay better fighter than superman, no question. He has the power to erase whole planets with little of his powers. But: I think we have to impliate the fact, that Superman is in fact invulnerable. Kryptonite is his only weekness and we don't consider it in a fair fight between these two. So, theoretically, Superman could just take a beating from Goku until Gokus power is eventually low enough so that Superman could finish him. Theoretically, Superman could even take Genkidamas, Kamehamehas etc, because it cannot harm him. What do you think about that thesis? Greetz from Germany

MountainManJake profile image

MountainManJake 4 years ago from Seattle

Goku would obviously win, don't forget that Goku is a Saiyan and his power is virtually endless. Even if Goku were defeated by Superman, he would come back twice as strong and therefore destroy Superman by a long shot. Also if Superman dies, he is dead, if Goku dies, he gets wished back with the Dragonballz haha.

Alma Cabase profile image

Alma Cabase 4 years ago from Philippines Author

hahaha....they always have the Dragonball i miss dragonball..I hope they come up with a new series where Son Goku's grand grandson is the hero.

Anyway, thank you for reading through my hubs. Be safe my friend.



MountainManJake profile image

MountainManJake 4 years ago from Seattle

Hey, check out the real Dragonball Z series coming out. They are recreating the series with real people. It actually looks pretty legit.

stev0 4 years ago

u don't get it... invulnerable is invulnerable. so as long as goku has no kryptonite he can do whatever and it wont show any effect...!

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 4 years ago


just like doomsday had no kryptonite, but still managed to allegedly kill superman at the time. Or i should say, put him into a massive coma at the very least. Goku not matches superman in strength and possibly surpasses it, but he knows martial arts; whereas superman doesn't have a fighting style, as he just throws wild haymakers relying on his superhuman abilities alone.

Stev0 4 years ago

okay, that's an argument. then we should make a comparison between doomsday and goku first ;)

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

Goku would beat superman's face in, lol he's too powerful and fast. Superman to me is overrated you were to say ...

Super Boy Prime vs Goku ? That's a tough one Prime would step in and deliver a good fight

Oh and Goku could kill the Sun lol

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

Steve you have a good point, i remember Batman had Superman on lock, so Superman to me is overrated in every aspect, i think Gohan or Tien would trash him

Joe 4 years ago

The winner of this battle is correct. However some of your info is wrong:

Goku's real name is kakorot

He was born on Planet Vegeta

He was trained by Master Roshi not Yoshi

and Goku dead in the Cell fight, Gohan was the one that defeated Cell.

Alma Cabase profile image

Alma Cabase 4 years ago from Philippines Author

You're right. My bad but I know Gohan was the one who defeated Cell yet Goku can do it if he want to. Goku died simply because Cell tried to detonate himself since Gohan is too confident and declined about finishing his enemy off quickly. I'll try to edit the hub for you. Thanks!

cperuzzi profile image

cperuzzi 4 years ago from Freehold, NJ

(Cracking knuckles)

I believe that the victor would be Superman.

While it is true that Superman actually has two weaknesses (kryptonite and magic - as real magic would affect basically anyone), the only way to truly defeat Superman is to exhaust his supply of yellow solar radiation. Scientifically, that's basically all Superman is... a living yellow sun battery - who gets his powers constantly replenished by the sun.

It has been argued on this forum that Superman has no fighting skills - this is nonsense. Were he a combatant that only relied on his powers he would have been toast years ago through villains like the Parasite, Mongul, Zod, Ultraman, and countless other supervillains. Superman has been at this game for quite a long time and had his powers accumulate gradually throughout his lifetime. You would also have to take into account that when your very best ally is probably one of the most dangerous hand to hand combatants in the DC Universe, you might pick up a thing or two from The Batman.

Given that Superman is actually a thinking fighter with years of practical experience, I would not discount him for being a stupid brawler. Moreover, the majority of the fights that I've seen that involve Goku have involved an assessment of what power level he on - despite whoever the combatant is.

Also, given what you've listed as Goku's weaknesses, I see an evident

Achilles heel to him. What would it take for Superman to beat the snot out of someone or something that has his own butt connected leash?

While you seem to have written an interesting fiction about this fight, it does offer a question about an assessment or wishful thinking.

Superman, meanwhile, is not the biggest and strongest thing there is. While we would like to think so, he has had his difficulties with beings such as Darkseid and Doomsday (Doomsday, though, it was discovered that he was immediately vulnerable once he gained sentient intelligence and fear of dying. Superman was able to take him down quite easily after that.)

I believe that Superman, if he wasn't the immediate victor, would have certainly have given Goku a run for his money or, at the very least, crippled him.

We have only the staunch code of moral governance of Superman's code against killing that would stand in his way.

dion 3 years ago

wow there is no way goku can win, superman is far stronger and faster

Willsummerdreamer profile image

Willsummerdreamer 3 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

cperuzzi is right, Goku has no chance of winning if he and Superman ever came to fistacuffs.

But what I really want to know is....why do people care so much about who would win? I mean honestly, even if they ever did have a conical crossover, Goku isn't gonna get into a battle to the death with someone unless he has no choice in the matter and/or really has too, and neither is Superman. Besides, wouldn't it be cooler to see these two team up to take on Darksied or whoever is threatening the universe at that point in time? I dunno about you guys, but I think it would be. Just say'in.

EJ Lambert profile image

EJ Lambert 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

This comes down to a question of timing. If Superman met Goku prior to his experience on Namek, I would say the Man of Steel in a landslide. However, after becoming Super Saiyan Goku showed an increased knack for challenging opponents stronger than him. We also must account for power source.

A Saiyan is a fighter by nature. We have to assume Superman isn't willing to kill and every time he would beat Goku within an inch of his life, when a Saiyan returns to full strength he is even stronger than before. So the longer they fight the greater the advantage goes to Goku. Also don't forget Superman gets his power from the Sun. Super Saiyans proved they have the ability to create powerful thunderstorms whenever they power up, robbing Supes of his biggest advantage.

Goku also doesn't have a glaring weakness. His tail is cut off by adulthood while Superman is never not weak against kryptonite. Regardless, I'm just saying this battle is not as clear cut as most think.

Vlorsutes profile image

Vlorsutes 3 years ago from Ohio

However EJ, Superman has a vast reserve of power if deprived from yellow sunlight. It's not a situation of him instantly depowering to the strength of a normal human the moment that he's cut off from sunlight.

Superman, during the Silver Age as well as some of his more recent incarnations, has shown feats of strength and speed far exceeding anything Goku, even at the end of GT.

cperuzzi profile image

cperuzzi 3 years ago from Freehold, NJ

A few things.

1- There's never a rock of kryptonite when you desparately need one. It's actually quite the high priced commodity in the DC Universe - despite the giant meteor that broke up on Earth at the end of Public Enemies.

2- The question of Superman constantly needing sunlight is a non issue as the amount of energy he'd lose at night is infinitesimally small. Lightning tickles him. Potentially, though, if Superman actually goes in to the sun, his cells may have one of two different results. In the past the solar radiation has engorged his cells to the point that he can actually move the planet Earth. This amount of strength is incalculable (This was done at the conclusion of the Imperiex saga "War between Worlds"). The other result came in All-Star Superman when his cells simply overloaded and started to explode. As All-Star Superman is not part of the main continuity we really need to go to the former theory of what actually happened.

So the issue of Goku powerups - taking Goku at an idealized version - would have to stand up to an idealized version of Superman at peak strength. Meaning, fully charged and engorged. That being the case even a rock of green kryptonite (which became null to an older Superman after prolonged exposure to yellow sun radiation during the "Kingdom Come" storyline) would be nothing to him.

That is Superman as he is now - not Silver age - which would be even more powerful.

I stand by my initial assessment.

Nvhl34 3 years ago

Superman with sundip, but even if he loses it doesn't matter superman is a far more interesting character

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