Song Lyrics - Don't Stop Me


Don’t stop me
Before the first kiss
‘Cause if you do
It’s me you’re gonna miss

All we can do is try
To get to know each other
I know I’m a good guy
Give me a chance to win you over

So don’t stop me
Before the first kiss
‘Cause if you do
It’s my love you’re gonna’ miss

I’m the one for you
So quit looking around
You need to listen to your heart
It knows what you have found

So don’t stop me
Before the first kiss
‘Cause if you do
It’s our life you’re gonna’ miss

We belong together
It’s plain to see
You’re just scared
So you push away from me

But we’re meant for each other
And I’m gonna be your last
When you finally kiss me
You’ll forget about your past

Don’t stop me
Don’t stop me
Before the first kiss
‘Cause if you do
You won’t know what you’ll miss

We can talk all night
But you know we need more
When you get close to me
You’ll know what love is for

So don’t stop me
Don’t stop me
Don’t stop me
Don’t stop me

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epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago don't stop me before I say Lennon-McCartney and the Suburban Poet in the same breath - I can see why you have 9 million followers - and thank you for nice visit - coming from someone as esteemed and respected as you that's quite a honor and a thrill - I have a bit of a homework assignment for you - there is another great song writer here at the Hub - the lovely Maggie May - she has a couple of recent hubs of song lyrics and one is with a really great video - as for your humble epi-man most of my writing is influenced by music or the thought of music and some of my favorite songwriters are the Gerwshins, Nick Cave, Ray Davies, Tom Waits, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Warren Zevon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt .....and the Suburban Poet!

lake erie time 8:46pm

lake erie time 8:43pm

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 5 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Ok Epi... what do you want? ha.... that's some serious flattery my man... you have great taste in songwriters and obviously you are a thinking man's man as your list is a little deeper than kiss me baby.... I have to tell you something though and as silly as it may sound there is something about your post: I was reading a magazine last night about the recording of the album and movie "Let It Be." Then later I heard "She Loves You" on a 60's television station I listen to. I then wrote out the lyrics for this song. But in addition to all this while reading the magazine article it mentioned a song called "Maggie Mae" from the album which I'd forgotten about... and then you mention Lennon-McCartney and the hubber Maggie May... this is crazy....

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