Song Lyrics - More Than Roses


That two dozen was up front
He bought them all for you
When they brought them up
You smiled and I wondered who

I knew you like’d them
That wasn’t hard to figure
Now that it’s over with
It’s time to pull the trigger

There’s more to love than roses
There’s more than boys and their toys
Why don’t you give me a chance
A man knows more about love than boys

I know they’re trying to impress
They’re showing you all their success
But you aren’t just someone’s happy hour
You’re a lifetime full of desire

There’s more to love than a Hallmark card
Or somebody buying you a shot
Why don’t you give me a chance
Because I'm everything they're not

You looked at me like I was crazy
And I know you got that right
But that’s what you do to a man
Passion isn’t calm in the night

Maybe I’m getting’ a little too close
But that’s what I have in mind
I know you’re ready for love
When it comes to you my heart ain’t blind

There’s more to love than roses
There’s more than boys and their toys
Why don’t you let me show you
How a man loves more than all those boys

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