Song of Life

Subtleties of intonation

spun in shades of scarlet

singing songs of affirmations

to the sultry harlot.


Bringing hope

so soon offended

wondering will you ever cope

in the loss you hang suspended.


Falling from the slope

into the sands of time

finding the wondrous scope

suffering in abysmal slime.


Sultry songs are being sung

by sirens in the night

reaching to be sprung

through the flames ignite.


Spinning into the light

possibilities increase

filling us now with delight

in anticipation of peace.


Spinning slows to a rumble

as I step into sunlight

feeling as though I’ll crumble

knowing now I’ll be alright.

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

Wonderful poetry, Thanks for sharing your have captured in a few words the transformation of the new birth.

Valerie P Brown profile image

Valerie P Brown 7 years ago from Jacksonville, FL Author

Thank you I am so glad you enjoyed this.

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