Sonnet to a Princess

The Mentor-ess!

Poetic verse no longer waits, lest fit description vanish;

And her worthy heroines traits, unwritten, untold, vanish;

She was an anchor to a soldier, while on rocky shores far away,

Perhaps God’s angel she, within our humble lives embellished.

Example, silhouette, shadow, she’s one who beauty never swayed,

She a sister, encourager became, Godly friendship ere’ embraced;

Not that either sought the other, yet respectful thought still weighed;

And when simple strength was needed, so spent harmony’s sweet face.

Just one word from her heart spoken, gave a hope that God was near,

Sometimes, “brother” was the word spoken, then a little laugh,

Putting all debates in focus, disputes at her feet dashed;

To my sorrows she listened, though God knows she had her own,

How she kept it all in perspective; only grace could those powers b’stow.

To me she is a hero, her life a ministry,

Her face a shining aura, tranquil grace, love and cheer;

Beauty her life reflects to others, serenity within;

Smiles that shine through it all, come loss, or transparent tears.

When the soldier had no one, not a close confidential friend,

had someone “back home” on who to focus, pray for,

Believe in, know that life was constant, and assuage simple fears,

This Godly one was there, her life faithful, O’er the years.

When encountering inconsistent scenery, in life’s broiling sea’,

No, no, no, she did not know what her “standing” did to me,

She went to heaven’s skies I think, to find her freedom, and her peace;

Unselfish, ever glowing as a lighthouse, upon life’s barren beach.

Always she will be an inspiration, a princess such as she,

To those who yet shall know her, they’ll be thankful;

And when she thinks about her family, her own blessed ones,

Hope says she’ll sigh with eternal gladness, that like her they will be:


Jan 2, 2000

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ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

What a nice poem. I write poetry for my own site and know it can take creativity and work - well done!

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

Some come from out of nowhere, or on a moment of creativity for sure! I want to read more poems.. I will check yours out some more..

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