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Dead Ever After

Well in this final book for the Southern Vampire Mysteries our gal finally chooses, and for many it was no surprise. I am not going to mess your enjoyment of the book by saying who she chooses, but I was rooting for him all along.

The series has come a long way from the first glimpse of Sookie at Merlottes, when she has her initial encounter with Bill. In the meantime she has grown up quite a bit, learned more about vampires than she ever would have thought she could learn, and found some real friends. And it is those friendships that are the true strength of the series, and continue to be so.

Friendship- Southern Style

In this closing of the saga we find out, along with Sookie, just who her real friends are. I was not surprised to see Charlotte decide to pull some old familiar faces into the plot; it is exactly the kind of thing you expect from the final chapter in a decade-plus spanning series. Betrayal from unlikely sources just made the telling more flavorful, and of course brought back the chilly atmosphere that this book has always had. Sometimes it has retreated to being just around the edges, but that noire approach that started the series never truly left it. Danger and dark happenings in the night continue right to the end.

The Long Cool One

Eric continues to fascinate me, as he has countless fans. His ruthless ambition comes to the forefront here and when we do finally leave him it is with, I think, a bit of regret. Of all the vamps that come and go, he is the one I stayed mesmerized by, and not just because the True Blood actor who portrays him is so good at the role. That show has so far veered from the books that I simply consider them an alternate universe from the one I know in the books.

But Eric has in the series stayed true to his goals. From the beginning when we met him, he was a cold calculating creature, angling for Sookie because of her value to him. It might be why he and Pam get along so well, they are pretty much cut from the same cloth. He says in this last book that he has loved Sookie the best that he knows how, and I think he means it. It is also a sentence that is very revealing of just what love means to a man who has walked the earth as long as he has.

The Vamp Next Door

Then there is Bill. Always in a struggle to accept he is no longer human, and always somehow failing to find a way to cut the ties that bind him to Bon Temps and the people there. I like the Bill in the books much better than what he has become in the show. Here we see a man who has betrayed Sookie, and knows and understands the price of that betrayal. That doesn't mean he really accepts it. But I think if anyone can stay friends through all of this, it just might be Bill and Sookie.

The Gal with the Tan

And that of course brings us to Sookie herself. I will still think of her when baking a pie and wonder if she is out in that old house at the edge of Bon Temps, getting a tan in the back yard while the kids play. I know that many readers complained in the last few books about Charlaine's habit of having Sookie do the most mundane of things in the midst of crazy situations happening around her. She does it again in Dead Ever After. But that is always how Sookie copes with life, by finding the common real actions and using them to ground us in it. It is, to me, what made her such a wonderful character to center the books on.

This final story brings her friends out of the woodwork, answering her call for help and showing her just how much she is loved. She has grown up enough to see through the glam of the vamps and know in her heart what she really wants. Tough decisions are not new to Sookie, and now they pay off in a life that we know is the best of what she deserves.

It's a grand send off for a gal we have come to know so well. I know that Charlaine is planning a final look back at everyone that shows us what happened after the end of the series. We all have our ideas, but it will be fun to see where Charlaine sees the stories spinning to. Of course, there is fan fiction, and I am sure there will continue to be some interesting tales after this book. But for me, this is the final curtain call. Good luck Sookie, and pour a last beer for me!

The penultimate book in the series!
The penultimate book in the series!

Deadlocked- Sookie Evaluates Her Crazy Life and Makes Some Decisions

I know, everyone is crying about how this just isn’t as good as the old Sookie Stackhouse books and wah- wah-wah! Suck it up, folks – it’s a book not your life. That said; I really enjoy visiting with my old friend Sookie and watching her finally see that she can take control of her life. Instead of letting whatever cool looking dude shows up do the deciding for her.

Now, Sookie has never been a pushover, as witnessed by her dealing with the dead body on Eric’s lawn in this story. Did I mention there was a dead girl on Eric’s lawn? Well, there was and it begins to smell like a setup to some, but that is beside the point. After all, when Sookie showed up at the party, Eric was acting like he was drunk on this girl’s blood and out of control. We know Eric pretty much never loses control, so what was the deal with this girl?

Everyone says she was half werewolf, but Sookie smells something else – something a bit on the irresistible side for a vampire. Like, maybe someone dosed her with Faery blood? Doesn’t matter, the chick is dead on his lawn, he has the ability and the cops are here (how convenient). Plus, we get a mystery to solve! Yahoo! I miss the mysteries that were always the center of the early Sookie books and am happy to see Charlaine getting back to something I feel she is truly a master at, the murder mystery.

The Queen and the Viking

Eric has plenty to deal with besides this in Deadlocked, namely that a vampire Queen is interested in having him for her consort, and she isn’t the kind to take no for an answer. Doesn’t really matter to her that he is married to Sookie, she is just a human. Trouble is, if Eric goes with the flow and becomes her consort, so many of his problems will go away. That is because this bitch is powerful, and we all know how attracted to power the tall cool one can be. It seems pretty clear to me, with all the problems between Eric and Sookie where this one is going. But I think it will need to be Erik’s decision, and that may not be the way this one rolls.

The Trouble with Fairies

Meantime, the decision to close the portal to the Faery has caused plenty of its own problems, and of course they reverberate on old Sookie. Because when the portal was closed, not all the Fae made it back in time. Some got left behind, and that can be a problem for Sookie and a few other folks as well. It doesn’t help when Niall makes a surprise appearance just when Sookie thought she was done with all of them. But I was glad to see him take Claude back with him, never liked or trusted the guy. Don’t think Sookie did either, come to think of it.

Sookie’s Growing Up

One of the themes that was loud and clear is that Sookie is feeling the need to settle down. Everyone around seems to be having BABIES and we know that will never happen with Eric. So where does that leave her heart? It is time for the girl to grow up and leave those boy-toys behind and go for the real man, the one who has been here for her come what may. You know who I mean, but I won’t spell it out for you. That all has to wait until the next book, but I for one know who I am rooting for, and he has a pulse!

Erik may say that he is desperate to be with Sookie, but I for one ain’t buying it. More importantly, I think that Sookie’s deadlocked heart is finally freed by the end of this book. She knows that as much as she may love Eric, she will not give up being human to be with him.

A great book, a great Sookie story and a great lead into the final chapter in our Sookie’s adventures. Stay tuned, and I will be back soon with that one. For now, enjoy that Charlaine seems to have gotten her writing chops back with this one and I am enjoying it immensely!

For the Sookie Fan Who Has Everything

I was thinking the other day how I had probably read everything that is related to Sookie Stackhouse at this point. I mean, I certainly have read through and enjoyed all the books that Charlaine Harris has done in the series. In fact, I probably have read them several times, because I read a book when it first comes out, again when the next one comes out to refresh my memory and then again before the season of True Blood starts that is based on the book.

And while it is true that there are several short stories with our gal Sookie Stackhouse in them, I have gotten pretty good at tracking those down through the fan sites online. I have even gone on YouTube to see the interviews With Charlaine Harris about the books and particularly about Sookie. I just love that gal!

So I was pretty happy to find out there is a book devoted to Sookie and all things surrounding her, and that Ms. Harris was very much involved with it. It isn’t a fan book about the character, it is a background and extras book that she put together to kinda show off Sookie. It is called The Sookie Stackhouse Companion and it is very aptly named!

The book starts out with a great bonus- a whole new Sookie story! I loved it, our little tale of Sookie taking off with Sam to help out with his brother’s wedding. It is kinda nice to see Sookie out of Bon Temps for a bit. But more than just a new story, it has all kinds of goodies like a map of Bob Temps, some commentary on all kinds of stuff like how the books came to be and why Sookie. It even has recipes for plenty of the food discussed in the books including my favorite – Caroline Bellefluer’s amazing chocolate cake.

So if you are a big fan of Sookie, you have got to check this book out for yourself. It is a great companion book to the series, a must-have for any true believer and full of great tips about Sookie and more. Why, I bet you could use this book to be a bit of a show-off when watching True Blood with your friends by just casually mentioning that you read recently how … (well you can fill in the blanks when you read the book).

Just don’t tell them where you found it out!

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Although this one starts off with a bang, there is also plenty of intrigue and fairy plots in the latest volume of Harris’s enormously popular series. Sookie is back, and puttering around to her hearts content, or at least as much as we can stand as readers.

The whole Pam/Erik thing continues in this book and the initial explosive beginning makes everyone including Sookie wonder just what Sam is up to. I am sad to see that the Sam/Sookie setup is not to happen, but I am rooting that in the end Eric will save the day and our Sookie’s heart. Unfortunately he seems to be missing in action in a lot of this book. But then there is more mystery and intrigue than romance going on in this time around. We will have to wait for Ms. Harris to give us more next book!

There are plots galore, vamps on the run and werewolves in the woods. Just another day in a small southern town for Sookie and friends.

Sookie Stackhouse Books in Order

Here are all of the Sookie Stackhouse books in order. They're written by Charlaine Harris:

  1. Dead Until Dark
  2. Living Dead in Dallas
  3. Club Dead
  4. Dead to the World
  5. Dead as a Doornail
  6. Definitely Dead
  7. All Together Dead
  8. From Dead to Worse
  9. Dead and Gone
  10. Dead in the Family
  11. Dead Reckoning
  12. Deadlocked
  13. Dead Ever After

Other Sookie Stackhouse Books

Charlaine Harris has also written other Sookie Stackhouse stories that have appeared in short story anthologies:

1.  "Fairy Dust", a short story in the Powers of Detection book
2.  "Dracula Night", a short story in the book Many Bloody Returns
3.  "One Word Answer", a short story from the book Bite
4.  "Lucky", a short story in the Unusual Suspects book
5.  "Gift Wrap", a short story from the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe book
6.   A Touch of Dead, an entire book of Sookie Stackhouse short stories

Sookie Stackhouse Box Set

Sookie Stackhouse Box Set

This box set contains the first 8 books in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  In most cases, purchasing the box set is MUCH cheaper than purchasing each book individually!

Charlaine Harris Interview About Writing the Sookie Stackhouse Books

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