Sorrow Poem

Dark Hours




I cried

Long hours howl

Brother what happened

Gone you left me with an empty bowl

I wish I could turn back the time

Angrily sad

Crazily disappointed

Hopelessly confused

Cannot accepted

That black sack


A real nightmare not a dream...

thousand cuts on my heart

thousand stabs on my stomach

Numb and pain

Helplessly weakened

Staring at you alone

the darkest hours

the endless sorrow pain

Pain and numb

A deep hole in my heart

A black hole in my life

Lost ...

In my dreams I asked

but You never told why you left

Cannot describe what I felt

For I wished I could have done something

If I could ..

I would exchange place with you

May peace be with you..

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BJBenson profile image

BJBenson 6 years ago from USA

This was a very engaging poem. Very nice.

ek ellis profile image

ek ellis 6 years ago

Deep poem

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Nice write!

bekaze profile image

bekaze 6 years ago from Germany Author

thank you all for reading and commenting

elyosa 4 years ago

lovely ...

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